Relaxing at NL1000

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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In his first video for English community, our new coach shows, that even if you play high stakes, you can win and have fun at the same time.


debut high stake Laszlo live play PokerStars

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  • imgoingtomirage


    This is the first video by Lackoogcb for English community :)

    Enjoy, and do not forget to leave any questions or feedback below!
  • LemOn36


    did you play NL50 between 2009 and 10? You sound familiar
  • kacsa1st


    very funny starting Lackoogcb :D

    sajnos nem tudom végignézni, pedig az eddigi videóid is tetszettek!!!
  • sipox


    Very nice video! I absolutely loved the intro :D

    And I also enjoyed the video, I'll be waiting for the next ones!

  • Kajtipajti


    Were you on magic mushroom?
  • slipkn6t


  • serverm07


    hey man, sweet intro. that im a champion video on youtube is so good.

    I thought you just played really tight solid the whole time. Thought you were going to pull the trigger with AJ after the speech lol.
  • Sneijder1091


    Overall nice vid! Great to see those stakes in live play format!
    Although action was a bit slow imo,
    would be awesome to see a 5/10 zoom vid from you! :)


    the best 4 min of video I have ever seen on P.S.
  • barbeysize


    #9 you came here for lolz i guess?
  • darkonebg


    #9 - It does get even better after that :)
  • Mepsfish


    love the intro
  • Saren113


    Haha! This guy <3
  • limpinbarney


    13:00 why do you size the turnbarrel this big? Dont see more FE w bigger sizes there. Maybe he folds a bad FD thats it.
  • KordaFan


    top notch, keep them vids coming
  • Falco35


    Nem hivnak Lazzy?
  • MrTrocks


    what a nice intro best ever
  • mbml


    i think he spent more time making the intro than the gameplay footage
  • atton64


    Nice video! GG.
  • LorD231984


    proffesional job!

    Respect, also because the time requiremets for the creation of this quality.

    @mbml: Would it be better if he made the video in 50 min (like actual playtime?:S)
  • GrimTheCat


    I think its better with this intro :)
  • limpinbarney


    44:00 Imo his 3bet calling range oop is crushing this flop. So why not cb the flop?! Especially u have the BDFD.
    In this special spot (deep) he will cc more PP. But dont u think u get them out on later streets?
  • mbml


    @20: Not saying it's a bad thing
  • kingpowl


    47:05 :D

    good job, vn video


    vn video, enjoyed it
  • ciachooooo


    def more tables!
  • Lackoogcb


    Thank you guys for the nice words!

    És főleg a honfitársaimnak köszönöm a támogatást! :)

    #2 yes, probably I played 50 in that time! And I used this screenname on lot of sites back then.

    #14 I should bet the same amount here what I'd bet w my nuts (if i want to balance) but given we are so deep, I could choose a slightly smaller size w both.

    #16 nem teljesen értem :)
  • Lackoogcb


    #14 I mean w 100bb I would go normally for stacks.
  • Peetfeef


    hi Leslie :) I look forward to getting the same content in the future, so both funny and interesting thoughts. Nice one!
  • SonMokuh


    haha very nice intro! let's see if the video continues like that :)
  • nyehehe


    haha nice style. congrats on your progress Lackó :)
  • Lackoogcb



    I think betting and checking are both fine. His range is probably pretty narrow, like 22-QQ,AQ,AJs,KQs. I block a lot of queens (AQ,KQ) and he sometimes backraises w QQ or 3bets JJ and QQ in the first place. I could get a fold from the small pockets on later street yeah, but my range crushes this flop more than his, so I don't mind betting!


    Thanks mate! I hope I can deliever that ;)

    cheers everybody for the good feedback, it makes me happy :D
  • rekro1982


    Nice video! Both intro and poker side
  • peteoaten


    fecking awesome intro
  • PFedorovPokerUYC


    money money money)
  • blicax


    hummm its not today that we can see this vídeo for free?? (silver status)??