W34z3l's 6-max Walkthrough - Preparing For Takeoff

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W34z3l begins his brand new 6-max Walkthrough series with a look at some of the concepts necessary to make a good start in No Limit Holdem Cash Games.


series Theory Video W34z3l's 6-max walkthrough

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  • redrawstump


  • Anomic


    Hey, is this a good HUD setup for 25nl? Or do you recommend certain changes? Thanks

    Name / Win Rate / Total hands

    TOT VPIP / TOT PFR / TOT Steal / TOT Fold vs Resteal / TOT Fold To Steal / Limp-Fold

    TOT 3Bet / TOT Fold vs 3Bet / TOT 4Bet Range / TOT Fold vs 4Bet / TOT 5Bet Range

    Flop Bet / Turn Bet / Postflop Aggression Factor / Flop Fold / Turn Fold / WTSD%
  • Zeffke


    Very nice video as expected! Looking forward to the next one(s).


    looking forward for this, in for the journey :) thx weazel
  • w34z3l


    Thanks guys, here is the link to the thread :)


    I will be posting the cold-calling ranges in the OP very soon (few minor tweaks also)

    If you would like to take part in the homework assignments please post in the thread also :) Thanks!
  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    even i am not CG player i really love this vid because it forces me to work with my very own handranges and equilab. thx for that w34z3l!!

    great Job :D
  • w34z3l



    I usually put Ft4bet/4bet-range/5bet-range in a popup somewhere since it takes a large sample for these to become relevant.

    I prefer flop c-bet and turn c-bet (these are different from flop bet and turn bet). I prefer flop fold-to-cbet and turn fold-to-cbet (these are different from flop fold and turn fold).

    I also like to use the stats raise-vs-flop-cb and flop-donk-bet.

    These are just my preferences though I don't actually think there is anything wrong with your HUD.
  • gothisteam


    Hey w34z3l!

    Just wondering, because Cashgame isn't the format which I play, but I loved your "Evolution in Poker"-Series!

    Will the last part (Mindset) still come online? It was there for a few days, but just 6min and now it's gone..
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi gotthis

    Yes we'll be reputting up the final video, unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the way it pulled through from our storage area into the live area as, from what we can tell, nothing is wrong with the video

    I'll be re-encoding it over the next 48 hours and will try to repost soon
  • Sw33z


    looking out at the 3bet ranges :)
    lovely video ;)
  • Anomic


    Ty, I've been playing with the wrong stats for a while now. Fixed it
  • torytrae


    very nice video, looking forward to the next
  • toateslafel


    Very nice!
    Looking forward for the next videos.
  • 1Wishes1


    great video!
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!
  • FriskyArt


    This is really helpfull and well explained! Thank you W34z3l!
  • ConteCaly


  • jamwapper


    Signed up specifically for this series. Get a video can't be played error. What's the craic?

  • jamwapper


    Turns out you have to refresh, whit a reddie.
  • jamwapper


    Take it back, won't plat
  • NezNanec


    when he says and if you want to make any changes to these ranges I start smiling like an idiot for no reason every time.

    great series anyway, lots of good stuff
  • NothingIsForSho


    You think that people at 2nl are not going to notice if you suddenly make it 10x on the button instead of the usual 2x-3x? Okay if you think so.
  • NothingIsForSho


    The implied 3bet strategy that this video implies is questionable at best. I haven't watched the 3betting video in episode 2 but I hope it's good and sensible!
  • NothingIsForSho


    Actually now that I think about it this video is for default ranges isn't it, so just 3betting strong hands as a default is maybe the way to go with no information.
  • maythany


    Great video!
  • NoSekiller


    nice video, thanks =)
  • AtrociousNightmare


    This was excellent, I'm starting over following this walk-through, wish me luck!
  • peethimself


    The best series I've seen in a while.
  • djuqpl


  • pzbrojny


  • Hesticus


    Great video! I believe the ROR is quite difficult formula if I have to base this on the book ' The Education of a Modern Poker Player'. However, I do come on a good number but doubt whether this is correct :D
  • msp3101


    Hi from a newbie....downloaded Equilab the other day and was left dumbfounded :(
    received a tip off from Harrier88 to follow your videos and voila hey presto!!

    Thanks for the great presentation :)
  • Namder


    Great video, thank you :)
  • Worldtraveler


    Thanks, I really like video.
    Coach W34z3l thanks for your effort and of course pokerstrategy thsnks also
  • Worldtraveler


    Can i use other softver because i am playing on stars, not allowed to use equilab
  • Worldtraveler


    when you need to move to nl 2?