Review of a Tough Week at Midstakes

  • NL BSS
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  • $500 - $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Uri Peleg review a particularly rough week for himself at the tables and looks for areas where mistakes may have been made


HH Review postflop Zoom

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  • jerkitout11


    seems like a pretty tough week!
  • Ninjai


    KQo - A big problem with your minimal defense frequency is that you don't even consider his range and simply say that you call A9o to a BB 3bet per default after your 2.5 open. Say he 3bets 13%, then A9 is very very marginal in my mind to say the least.

    Also, your calling range seems so wide so that it misleads you into believing you need to defend more combinations than you should. The more you defend pre, the more you have to call for that concept to be appropriate. The problem is you're calling too wide imho and that leads to too wide ranges on all three streets.

    63o - fold pre and fold turn

    44 vs RPZ just one thing: you say one should XC flushes a lot if he turns things into bluff. I wonder which hand that should be for a flush to be a check. I'm not saying it's bad reasoning in general but he'd have to have at least some nf-blockers or so which he has not in his BC-range on these positions I guess. And maybe I'll add that a flop XR here is not a good idea in my mind vs good players. They'll just make too many appropriate folds by the river for a start.
  • darkrideee


    At the last hand yes you are going to have some trips but you play all your trips this way ? for example with A10 you just c/call the turn, because if so, you cant really have a bluffing range on the turn !? plus you play against middle position so you have a10s, j10s,q10s,k10s and maibe 109s !? so there really are not as manny combinations of trips and i presume that you do not get with any sets on the river this way so i believe the call it's ok because he is going to have alot of busted straight draws on the river. I liked the video, i think it's one of the best i've seen on this site and i would like to see more like these and even more in detail on the math and ranges side of things. I personaly can learn alot from this type of video.
  • mbml


    i don't think you can consider losing 2k over 2k hands as a tough week :)

    most people just win or lose that amount in a single session if they play many tables/zoom
  • pokermachy


    Awesome format! Keep doing it going forward. good luck going through the downswing!
  • pokermachy


    @ A4s - what do you think about donking OTT? You can do it with Tx and fds, which seems reasonable.
  • klabautermann27


    "i don't think you can consider losing 2k over 2k hands as a tough week :)

    most people just win or lose that amount in a single session if they play many tables/zoom"

    The only thing I would try to improve is my volume ;-)
  • Sneijder1091


    I like the format a lot, pls continue with it!
    But pls use stats more in detail, when analysing the single opponents.
    Why havent you displayed and used stats in the replayer? I think that would have helped a lot, to evaluate the best decisions.
  • doubleJay


    u lost a few buyins by misplaying big hands while running over ev... how is that downswing?

    u need a shitload of hands to compensate for the speed poker variance...
  • sirrybob


    KQo I do of course consider villain's range. I was just showing my default vs an unknown regular (or an average regular) and most people at midstakes who are not nits 3bet 15-20% there. I think my calling range posted was actually tighter than most midstakes players.
    63o Without explanations that doesn't help :)
    44 I agree with river comment. As for villain making appropriate folds... I am bluffing with this line as well so I'm not too worried about that.

    Thanks man, and your comment makes sense.

    I actually look at ev and not at money lost, because it's a more accurate reflection of my decisions. Ev I lost 4.8k.

    Thanks :D

    True true about volume :) But I did feel I played badly and I think my review proves me right.

    doubblejaay and everyone else:
    I'm sorry if I came off as saying this is a downswing. I don't think it is - at worst it's a mini downswing, and probably not even that.
    I know a lot of people experience 20+ buyin downswings on a regular basis.
    The reason I wanted to examine the hands was both because of the rate at which I lost (very fast) and because of my feeling that I played badly.
    So.... this isn't a downswing. It's just an examination of my mistakes after a few bad sessions in a row.
    And I think rather than focusing on whether or not I did very bad, you can focus on the mistakes I'm finding and the process, and hopefully apply it to your own game in the future.
  • Hashkan


    Lol im on a 20K hands downswing. Never seen such a thing in my life. I feel im playing good and almost A game, but loosing ur big pairs preflop all ins 20 times, loosing ur sets to a rivered top set 5 times, loosing ur top 2 pair vs top pair/over pair 5 times. Just nonstop. Its been going on for 4 days now. It dosnt seem to stop. :D but i dont feel bad because i make all the right plays. Didnt even know such thing could exist. Feels like worse than flipping a coin 100 times and it coming heads 90times.
  • Ninjai


    No offense but your assumption is way too general. Some 3bet 10, some 15 and others even less or more, also very player dependent. My remark is pretty simple: The wider your calling range is preflop, the more combinations you'll have to get to the river with. And simply saying that others defend wider doesn't mean it's better.

    63o - is so unplayable that it's tough to call it a good call even against two fish. As to the fold, you will of course have better hands in your range. A fish minraise on the turn is probably 80%+ the nuts? The problem here is he doesn't have any overplayed twopair etc, which makes it less likely for him to be overplaying a worse hand. You essentially beat AA here, which the fish probably won't raise on the turn but simply calldown.
  • double2


    Great video format, do more please. Maybe next time put in a filter and go through the hands, like "Hero cbet flop true" "Hero cbet turn possible".

    63o hands, I think fish has close to zero bluffs in his range, it feels like we should fold turn, even if we expect him to call again with monsters.
  • yomatiyo


    Min 24, hey man, allways a call on the turn(cant fold to a fish there! It may be correct but it is too sick) and river well, he is owning you. that is the kind of call that if we dont do, we are at 3bb, and if we do, we are BE... it s a clear MINDSET fold (but I do call when I PLay bad)
    amazing format, I agree
  • yomatiyo


    Last hand I belive u were really selfctiricing (I dont speak english, sorry xD), 100%. Tuirn is close but, well... ok to call, really hard (I belive it is a fold but I DONT KNOW), but river, RIVER? clear 100% sure fold.
    Tilted call on river...

    amazing format again =)

    if u want add me to skype, will love yo speak of poker whit you