Turbo Tornado - 16 Tabling 9-Man Turbos

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $7 - $30
  • Fullring
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Collin Moshman brings us the wild side of 9-man SNG play with a 16-tabling live video on PokerStars


9-man Live Video mass multi-tabling PokerStars turbo

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  • a55a5in4ever


    Hey Colin - nice Vid as always :) I was wondering is it possible to talk about 5BB play and under in one of your next videos. When to take a stand when to protect your FE when to decide to take the blinds and call off and so on. Just some general guidelines. Thanks in advance.
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 a55a5in4ever: Thanks! In terms of 5bb and under play, I'll do my best to discuss this in an upcoming video. Also if you can make it to my coaching tomorrow (Weds April 9), ask this as a question in the chat and I'm happy to discuss it with my guest Parodiq who is an expert at that topic :)
  • jankis66


    hey Collin, @5:28 you 4bet shove k9s for 20bb HU. what is the bottom of your range here? thanks
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Jankis66: K8s, K9o would be the approximate bottom of my KX shoving range here.


    Nice vid Collin, thx
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 FFRRAANNKKIIEE: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
  • a55a5in4ever


    Hi Colin - i have a question regarding the J5s hand at 25:12 mark - obviously we have a great dynamic here with a player sitting out and mid stack to attack. I would bet PRE Cbet Flop Barrel turn shove river - he has to have close to the nuts here to call us down and we can wrap Ax Sets + Straights FD on turn. Even if we double him up we are tied with the other active player for last place. In spots like this i tend to play super aggro vs the mid stack is that a mistake? Thanks
  • grayarea


    06:50 AQo. I had a quick look in HoldemResources and it says to call off 3-way with 99+ AQs AK with AQo being eqdiff -0.63.
  • gcfranciulli


    hey collin, another great video.

    i don't know how to tag a video.. but the hand that i have a question about is at 12:10. imo, QJs is a call there. but in your mind, what is your calling range in that situation?
  • Kotychka


    хороший тренер всё таки CollinMoshman...жаль редко теперь выходит