W34z3l's 6-max Walkthrough - You Raise, I 3-bet

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W34z3l delves into the world of 3-betting looking at how we should construct our ranges to best exploit those around us and areas we should be looking to gleefully take it to the 3rd floor


3-bet. theory video series. 3-bet W44z3l's 6-max walkthrough

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  • AlvisR


    Cold Call ranges and 3bet ranges overlay in some spots. But i think you are aware of this. Very good video. I was a Nit in 3betting, now i have a lot of information to improve, thank you very much! 5 stars :)
  • zgq123


    dear sir, what is the 40BB stack 3bet range.

    Could you do the raise and 3bet video for 40BB MSS.

    And wait for the postflop video!

    very good video!!
  • bluedream23


    Very good video!!!
  • Cruul


    Great video again, thanks!
  • w34z3l


    #1 The ranges aren't 100% perfect or anything.

    If you spot any overlap then please let me know in the thread and I can make a few tweaks before I post the ranges there.

    Thanks :)
  • w34z3l


    Btw here is the link to the thread for homework etc.

  • riskcore


  • DannyMLennon


    When we use our opponents HUD, Should we use 70% fold to 3bet as the standard for these ranges? meaning if it is 80% we add more to this range and if 60% we take away?
  • DannyMLennon


    Nvm^ Should have watched the whole video before commenting lol
  • w34z3l


    Yes, although if it's 60% you don't really need to even bluff at the micros. You are not going to get punished for having a pure-value range.
  • circe


    How shall we react, if our opponent 3-bets us?

    This important question is totally ignored in this video.

    Or did I overlook something?
  • adequately


    Please translate on russian language
  • w34z3l


    #11 Not time to include this info in one video.

    It's planned for a later video in the series.
  • Baggydogg


    I play at a site with 200BB ma buy in, so usually play vs opponents with 200 BB. I prefer to buy in for 100 BB myself.
    2 questions:
    1) Should I also buy in for 200 BB or stick to my 100 BB buy ins?
    2) Can I play the recommended ranges with 100BB vs 200BB stacks?
  • ConteCaly


    Thanks for the beautiful video... truely wonderful
  • Zhan12


    thumbs up !! Keep going !!
  • Berzerekki


    Mostly about 20-40BB stacks shove almost any two. So isn't it +eV to call insane shove with pocket pairs like 44-TT, +AJ, +KJ?
  • NoSekiller


    nice video, thanks =)
  • modeob


    nice video!!! Ty a lot!! I