Beating The $15 6-max SNG

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  • SNG
  • $16
  • Shorthanded
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Collin Moshman reviews one of our members Gavrin23 as he plays a $15 6-max turbo on PokerStars


HH Review PokerStars PT4 turbo User Session Review

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  • thetrader789


    Hi Collin, nice vid :)
    Well at 11:14...why bet the turn after the check ? I will check behind with a monster in my hand hoping he will catch a better card at the river...
    Don't you think a slow play is the best in this case ?
    Thank you :)
  • raise2much


    Hero played very nitty in thin valuebet spots.

    Very nice analysis by collin and nice vid!
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Thetrader789: Slowplaying might allow him to catch something, but there are two reasons to bet here: (a) There are many worse hands he can call with, such as TX, 7X, Q9, or even gutshots. (b) We want to play for stacks, and that's going to be tough to do with an SPR > 2 with only one betting round.

    Glad you enjoyed the video!

    #2 Raise2much: Thanks! There were a few missed value bets, but I thought Hero played very well overall.
  • raise2much


    Yeah i agree hero had a solid style overall i just think that we should take these thin spots in todays games an maximize our EV & ROI
  • thetrader789


    Euh...Even if he has a TX or a 7X Q9 we have the nut :according equilab we have an Equity of 97,95 % on the turn.
    So I will slow play the turn here nothing to protect.
  • CollinMoshman


    #4: Agree!

    #5: If you're in a multiway pot holding JJ in position on a TJJhh flop with deep stacks, and everyone checks to you, would you check back? :)

    This is a different situation of course, but my point is just that protecting our hand isn't the only reason to bet.
  • Mennck


    in the J7 hand I like slowplaying if I think hero is folding gutshots or 7x on this spot, but definetely betting if he's more likely to call
  • Gavron23


    Thank You for the video, Collin.
    I definitely agree with you and #2 about being way too tight while valuebetting - it is a distinct leak that i have while being semi/mildly tilted :)
  • Gavron23


    Thanks for the Video, Collin!
    I definitely agree with You and #2 about being way too tight passive when it came to valuebetting in this HH. It is a major leak that i have while being semi/mildly tilted :)
  • Snaky81


    Nice vid :)
    @11:31 if the player calls our turn bet and checks the river, what would be your bet sizing with SPR = 1 and the weakness of our opponent's line ?