$60 180-man Review with ReSteal Analysis

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $75
  • Fullring
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Collin Moshman reviews a recent $60 180-man SNG touenament with a special emphasis on 3-bet shoving ranges both defensive and offensive


3bet HH Review MTSNG PokerStars resteal

Comments (13)

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  • piotrpkr


    good play
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Piotrpkr: Thanks.
  • Taaco


    great video!
  • luizsilveira


    You are a great video producer and an inspiration, Collin. Keep it up!
  • PhreaKer


    Great Video as always :)

    I don't understand why you bet half pot on the river.
    I prefer to bet like 1/3 to give him the chance to call it off with a J or his Pocket.
  • rexsi96


    good play
  • MarinaOrel


    Nice video!
  • Mynameismars


    Hello Collin!

    I liked the review and now have a question regarding the K7s "mistake" call. It seems to me that it in fact is quite a horrible call, because:
    a) I don't think a good reg is going to shove any2 since the stacks behind are too short
    b) You're assiging Nash to both, without using FGS (Future game simulation in for example ICMizer)
    c) Your stack is shorter than the BB so a random player could join in wider
    d) You're using negative edge
    Regarding this, I would like you to get a bit deeper into the theory behind using negative edge in general, becuse I've never done that and don't quite get it at all

    Thanks in advance
  • SparkyStyleLive


    im sry.i didnt find this touenament`s limit in my PS lobby.is it some other room?is it realy 180 regular speed 60$ touenament and i have some problems with my ps lobby ?
  • SparkyStyleLive


    okay i guess it was turbo sng.but still :) the only 180 medium buy in is 35$.anyway nice video.rly.very helpfull for me.
  • bigmopps


    good play
  • Mynameismars


    Sparky, PS runs these 60$ 180s only on some days or peak hours. I believe you can find them in lobby on tuesdays and sundays.
  • dungbun