Collin and parodiq at Low Stakes SNGs

  • Recorded coachings
  • SNG
  • $7 - $30
  • Fullring
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Please enjoy the podcast of our SNG boss Collin Moshman and his guest coach parodiq as they take on a variety of SNGs on PokerStars


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Comments (6)

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  • thetrader789


    Hi guys, nice and relaxing video !!
    You were talking about Hyper turbo...I made last year 5000 Hyper turbo in 1 month (20 tables)and I got +1% of profit ...I read some post from high stake pro concerning this format, and he got the same quietly win as much money with the rake back ..LOL
    Well agree for the Russian players are very aggressive.
    Brazilian are efficient in certain format as rebuy 3X hi/low and NL..they are nuts ...dangerous for tilting regulars...
    Anyway I was smiling often during this coaching .congrats :)
  • ggeshov


    Hello, nice coaching video, really enjoyed it :)
    I noticed on 8:06 you shoved with 44 on top left, isn't this too wide with almost 15BB?
  • sostegno


    why parodiq coaching vid, he seems to be an id...t
  • Regularproducer


    Hey guys, i would like to know what you mean by studying game. I would like to know other options except ICM QUIZING in SNG WIZ and watching videos.
    Many thanks
  • Regularproducer


    Could you please write me an reply to personal profile on PS?
  • venusprotein


    read books? it could be a good option :)