Lifting EV at NL100

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Serverm07 guides us through some recent hands he played with the goal of lifting your EV through gathering information on your opponents and how to use it best to your advantage


lifting ev PT4 review series Session Review

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  • metza


    Do you even lift (EV)?
  • toateslafel


    Nice video dude!
  • Antonioull



    HM2 is way nicer , and nc premium better also , i know many good players prefer pt4 i just think its worse on graphics etc

    Nice vid
  • serverm07


    Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words. But I'm really looking forward for feedback both positive and negative on what kind of things you guys like and what kind of things you guys don't like. And what you guys would like to see in the future. I'm not sensitive so don't worry about hurting my feelings, if this sucked and you want something else just come out and say it, but give me a reason why and what you would like to see please.
  • Antonioull


    I would love a 6 max vid where u go into detail using stats+nc and explain how to explore leaks/tendencies for ex.

    I would say a more elaborate video this one seems ok but for platinum prob a bit basic , (only saw 24 minutes)
  • luizsilveira


    With the purpose of constructive feedback:

    - Video/hands are super basic.

    - I couldn't quite see how the hands were related to the video's theme. They look to me like just a random collection of (fairly standard) hands. Gathering them by theme would be better imo.

    - Talk is super slow and feels sad and even sleepy or bored. Hence the video gets tiring pretty quickly for the listener. It's important to have energy speaking, and even smiling is good as listeners can notice those in your tone.

    - Think about what you want to say about the hands before the video. If you need to think during the video you can always edit/cut that. But mostly I think is about speed/energy here.

    - I don't like the method of running through the hand and then rewinding to talk about it. But it's down to personal preference obv.
  • Buzibaer


    Probably the worst "coaching" video in 2014.
    No offense, but you talk like a guy who plays nl20 and suddenly face nl200 for the first time. I really can't imagine that you even beat nl50.
    What do you think one can rly learn from this video when you are unsure of how to play every single hand? Besides, it seems that you're very result-orientated and you don't go into a deep analyse
    It's really a shame if pokerstrategy pays you for this trash.