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Please enjoy the replay of this week's coaching as Collin Moshman takes to the low stakes mtsngs on PokerStars Our coachings are an excellent place to get live interactions with the best coaches PokerStrategy have to offer. Make sure to tune into Collin's Coaching every Wednesday at 21:00 CET


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Comments (8)

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  • Jefree


    normally I play zoom.
    but whenever i watch collin moshman videos, i want to play mtts.
    entertaining and really good explanation.
  • adequately


    Please translate russian !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jayphillip


    does anyone have told you that you have a radio voice sir? Always enjoy your videos, keep 'em coming
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys, appreciate that :)

    This Wednesday my coaching will be with 9man player Buhass, will be a very good one -- come if you can make it!
  • jaarJaar


    Hello there, I want to ask you, Is there any difference between non-allin all in and open shove? :)
  • Gusth2


    Can you explain your hud? ty
  • Gusth2


    I should watch all the video first haha. You answer that question at ~20:30 if someone want to see it too.
  • Mattiews73



    @ 8:30 fold 55 MP with 27 BB ?