Exploiting NL100 With Uri Peleg

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Uri "sirrybob" Peleg takes to the NL100 tables on PokerStars and shows how he tackles the tables and gains reads quickly when playing on tables and vs players you're unfamiliar with


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  • luizsilveira


    The nuts as always.
  • JohnyC1337


    Wow really great vid. I´d like to ask if you think making these notes is necessary on zoom (nl100) where the playerpool is huge and usually you are in spot with one player 2-3 times per hour. (my assumption)
  • darkrideee


    some soul reading by Uri Peleg, i'm impressed. Nice video,sir!
  • Lucker9200


    08:24 AJ @ table4 - "I think this board is great to cbet unless villain is raising a lot" , can you explain more deeply why that's the case?
  • sirrybob


    Thanks for the comments guys :-)
    #2: Nothing in poker is necessary. Notes increase your ev. The greater the player pool the smaller the increase. I also think it's a good skill to practice for when you move up and player pools become smaller. But it's up to you... I wouldn't say it's necessary. Just +ev.
    #4: This is a board where almost always my hand is going to have >20% equity vs villain's calling range, and a lot of turns and rivers are going to make a lot of his range bluffcatchers. My hands are just all good semibluffs and villain is going to have very poor visibility as to whether or not I hit. If villain starts raising, given the connected nature of the board most of my betting range is going to hate it's life esp if i have a high cbet strat. Hope this makes sense.
  • Vestelth


    Wow, you write fast. That's a skill that comes in handy when you're making some notes. Great video.
    One thing I would improve though is your microphone position (it may be to close). Adjust it and there won't be noise when speaking words like 'pot', 'ace' etc.
  • deluxeodelic


    Nice Video!
    08:24 AJ @ table4: Dont you think 3barreling should be better, cause as you said - Villain´s Flop-calling-range has a great part of bluffcatchers at a lot of Rivers which have a hard time to call. But when Hero x - we fold to all the Draws Villain stabs?
  • deluxeodelic


    btw: how can i link a certain spot in the video for the comments? (i just copied the "time-link" of #4 ;) )
  • sirrybob


    #6: Thank you, I wish I knew how to fix that, it's a headset and the best quality recording device I could find. I'll look into it.

    #7: I was planning to checkcall AJ on the turn, not checkfold :-) it's true that this is a great board to 3barrel a lot though, and if we are not worried about our frequencies I would expect that to be the highest ev line. But I think it makes me a bit too easy to play against (calldown any pair if a scarecard comes) if I just barrel off like this, so I try to not do it without equity/blockers, and definitely not with hands that can win at showdown (it can even get checked down and I win vs worse ace high here)
  • LemOn36


    grat vid :)