The Weekly Freebie - MBML AMA at Microstakes

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In this week's Weekly Freebie coaching mbml took to the micro zoom tables on PokerStars and answered any and all questions that came his way from the chat The Weekly Freebie is where you can get a look for free at our Top level Coaches and ask them any questions you have on your mind Every Wednesday at 19:00CET


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  • toateslafel


    Very nice video!!
    Btw double voice is cool haha.

    More NL50 Zoom please :D
  • Phgrinder


    Can you make a video regarding spr?
  • tukioppilas62


    Hi thx for the great video!

    +1 for more nl50 zoom!

    One question:

    Is it important to use those betsizes you mentioned (betting less, when it doesn't change much the calling range etc.), I've been betting on most singleraised pots 2/3 pot except if the board is super dry. On 3bet pot's I've been betting 1/2 pot flop almost always. Now I tried to bet only 1/2 pot on boards like KJ2, etc. on singleraised pots and I just got raised a ton. Maybe because I changed my betsize.
  • mbml


    #2: Ok I guess i could talk about typical bet sizes, geometric growth of pot etc at different stack depths

    #3: Hmm I don't think you need to be overly worried about the bet size. Many people have differing views on this. Many of the top players use larger bet sizes in general.

    What matters most is that you are balanced with bet sizes. If you only bet small with air, obv you are gonna get crushed by any observant player. As your opponent I would be looking at your bet/fold Flop stat and if it's 50%+ I'm gonna give you a hard time.
  • sirilidion


    why bet so small preflop?