Oblioo Live and Hudless at NL100 Speed on Betfred

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Oblioo drops down a stake or two no take on the 100NL speed tables on iPoker without a hud in the hope of developing reads and confirming his population reads of players at these stakes


betfred exploitation hudless Live Video Shorthanded speed

Comments (21)

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  • PokerJed55


    the all-in call at 2:15 looks bad...

    We are crushed against his range! 2 overs FD, overs/gutshots/pairs/open enders. we dont even have the Ah I can't beleive this is a call. there is 56, 54 in his range, many donks will shove weak overpairs here "Because they put you on AK!"

    I really think A3 should be a fold. I would call A5+, 44+
  • PokerJed55


    I ran some ranges in equilab... looks close since we need 38% equity.

    I guess it depends how many AK/AQ he has compared to FDs and pairs.

    Meh it's close. Maybe we could opt to check flop to dodge this spot, we hate getting checkraised a standard sizing or called anyways.
  • oblioo


    1&2: Personally I gave him almost 100% overs+FD for taking this line, which may or may not be correct (but it's almost always what I see here), and obv we have more than 38% equity vs. just those hands. However, you may be right and he could have some stronger stuff and it probably is quite close and checking back flop could be better.
  • barbeysize


    how is it A3o too weak to call bvb?
  • oblioo


    #4: It's not necessarily, but it's definitely behind a solid opening range equity-wise, and it doesn't make a good hand to float or bluff-raise with, and it has reverse implied odds. So 3betting seems more +ev than calling.
  • barbeysize


    and what would solid range be? how about 36%? well, with 44%+ equity you definitely could say A3o is behind. but what about 1 to 2 pot odds and position?

    i'm not even talking about your skill advantage or standard low stakes monkey stealers with 50%+ open yet :)
  • oblioo


    Yeah I'm assuming like a ~33% opening range, but I'm also the first to point out that preflop equity is pretty irrelevant in spots like this.

    You are right that pot odds, position, and skill advantage all point to a call, but poor playability and reverse implied odds point to a 3bet. I'm not positive which is better but I'm still leaning towards a 3bet. Even if villain has a wide opening range, we're just not going to be able to defend many flops with A3o.
  • barbeysize


    ok, last question. fold bb vs solid sb steal? :)
  • oblioo


    like 49ish?
  • barbeysize


    now i'm wondering. you defend top 51% and hand from around top 35-40% such as A3o goes to 3bet range so now i'm interested in actual ranges for call and 3bet.
  • oblioo


    Again when constructing a calling range, don't focus on preflop equity, but on playability. For example 76s is gonna be way easier to play IP in a single-raised pot than A3o. So I might call 76s and 3bet bluff A3o even though you might say A3o is technically "higher up" in our range. Keeping in that in mind, if you want to construct your own ranges I'd be happy to take a look at them.
  • barbeysize


    one might say suited connector is way better for 3betpot rather than weak offsuited ace. but now "i'm going home"9(c)cartman
  • oblioo


    Suited connectors are better to see flops with than weak offsuit aces. When we call we see a flop 100% of the time; when we 3bet we don't.
  • oblioo


    not saying you should never 3bet 76s, just saying it makes more sense to call than A3o.
  • tatartom


    76o on the buton with fish on sb and reg on bb (loose assumption, but most likely looking at their stacks).
    Is it really that good to play over 60% of hands here?
    I dont mind plaing this HU against the fish or if reg was sb and fish was on bb.
    But here fish is going to call often and reg most likely will complete often as well. Playing 3 way even ip is gonna work with such wide range?
    I open here like 30% (without info) for 2.5bb, what do you think about it?
  • oblioo


    #15: Like I mentioned it seems somewhat marginal but I don't mind it at all assuming a fish in the SB. Playing 3way IP with a fish in the pot seems fine with 76o. I think opening 30% is WAY too tight. 50% minimum I'd say, especially with a fish in the blinds.
  • tatartom


    with 2 regs on buton I open min 50% and very often 100% at this limits.
    I just had doubts about such wide open when fish sits on SB because of very possible 3 way pot.
    So you say its even better for opening 76o type of hand on the button if SB is not reg but fish?
  • oblioo


    #17: Yes as long as I'm deep enough with a fish I'd be happy to see a cheap flop IP with 76o, and I'd almost always rather play against a fish than a reg :)
  • tatartom


    I open with 2 regs cause they are folding high % of time, what do you think
  • tatartom


    about limping here with those weak hands to see cheap flop, when we dont have fold equity preflop?
  • oblioo


    If we have 0 fold equity preflop, then yes either limping or folding would be the best options, depending on the specific fish and reg left to act. However, vs. the vast majority of fish we have a fair amount of fold equity preflop.