W34z3l's Walkthrough - Like a HUDless Chicken

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  • NL BSS
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W34z3l continues his walkthrough of 6-max micro stakes by introducing HUDs and how you can best use you HUD to exploit your opponents and gain valuable information


HUD series Theory Video W34z3l's Walkthrough

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  • w34z3l


    Boom, first =D
  • HellFire021


    been waiting for this a looong time.FINALLY! :D
  • Tichwich85


    jipiee ka jeee !!!
    love the series
  • redrawstump


    #1. Good skillz w34z3l. Cap doffed
  • LemOn36


    i cant take print screen of PT4 hud - it doesnt show on print screen what can I do T.T
  • extraordinario


    awesome as always!
  • Zolotarsp


    Hey Weasel, nice vid!

    Question: you said it takes about 2.5k hands for 4bet stat to be somewhat relevant, but in previous video you said that we shouldn't necceserely wait til we have huge volume on a player to make an assumption. A bit contradictory? isn't it? :)

    Say our opponent steals SB 70% and have 4bet 3 out of 3 times by now, isn't it enough to start playing back at him? Or at least ajust 3betting range?
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!
  • SneakyhanD


    You mentioned something about showing Potodds /equity in live session ?

    doing math in live session is sometimes tricky for me, and takes more time than it should.
  • ConteCaly


    ty for video...
  • a7jesus


    Nice video, lot of work xD
  • TanyaLoskutova


    Thank you for video! You are the best!
  • NoSekiller


    nice video, thanks =)
  • modeob


    You can share you HUD in order we can download it? Thank you!
  • modeob


    Or if you can post a video, exaplain how to create a pop up