They Called It GTO - Misconceptions with Flop Play

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Tackleberry continues his GTO based series with a look at how misconceptions about flop play, including defense frequencies can have a huge impact on your game


GTO series Theory Video They Called It GTO

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  • darkonebg



    Enjoy the video, and if you have any questions - leave them below :)
  • jbpatzer


    Wtf. Why is this platinum?
  • symans


  • double2


    I interpeted Janda's "we can overfold flop in 3bet pots since villain invested money pre flop" thing in the sense that some boards do favor 3bettor's range and he does have a profitable bluff spot with any2, but those types of boards are more rare (like 8 high flop) so we can overfold some flops and "underfold" others. I've read the book some time ago, maybe I'm mistaken.
  • atton64


    #4 I'm not sure about this, but if villain is 3betting well, his overall strategy should show an EV=0 or better preflop. If he loses money 3betting us(is it possible?I mean if we cut down only preflop and try to exploit his tendencies the only way he can lose preflop is 3betting a lot and then fold a lot to 4bets. But that we cannot really exploit postflop, only preflop with a lot of 4bets, right?), we can overfold flops I guess.

    So he shows zero profit preflop with 3betting,then our is 0 too (-rake, but don't make this more complicated), and then when we overfold on the flop, he can gain ev by always cbetting us therefore his ev is better than 0. We can overfold if he checkfolds a lot when didnt hit, or will always 3barrel bluffing on certain boards (so no need to peel cbet other than 1p+, and some strong Ahi and maybe some powerful draws) etc. But when he plays GTO OTF,T,R we cannot overfold. Is it correct?

    I cannot really express myself on this topic, if you dont understand me guys let me know and I will try again.
  • Tackleberry


    @4: I had a discussion with Matt Janda in another forum and he didn´t relate to board textures, at least not in this point, he actually meant it in general; though he "somewhat" admitted that this passage was misunderstandable and he likely would have expressed it differently today.

    @5: You´re perfectly right.
  • atton64


    Now I watched the video.

    Solid content, I will watch the new one too.