Theory Battle - Lackoogcb vs Sirrybob

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Welcome to's newest series, The Theory Battle. In the Theory Battle two of our best coaches will go head to head in a battle of theory and poker knowledge moderated by another top coach to decide who becomes the reigning Theory Champion This time oblioo moderates the battle between our newest diamond coach Lackoogcb and our long time diamond coach Uri "Sirrybob" Peleg


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  • LemOn36


    Woah boner. Anyone else got a boner when they saw the title?
  • SariyskiS


    ^ he did
  • LorD231984


    I would say Lackoo was a slightly more confident and convincing.

    Anyway very good format, look forward to get the next episode and respect to both of you.
  • x3mwisp


    Definitely Lackoo. But Sirrybob is good as well. Makes sense, still nice to see that it's actually harder for Uri cause he's more exploitative.
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Here's a Quick Rundown of the Contents

    Hand Analysis:

    02:06 - Lackoogcb
    24:55 - Sirrybob

    Check-Raising Range Question:

    49:48 - Lackoogcb
    56:47 - Sirrybob

    Philosophy Question:

    01:04:08 - Lackoogcb
    01:10:50 - Sirrybob

    Voting and Feedback Thread:

    Hope you guys enjoy our new series and thank-you to both our participants and to our moderator
  • x3mwisp


    Btw, The last question is the best i guess!
  • AggroNitt


    *g* at min 34 sirry sas that he dont want to bet bluffcatchers eg 66 and at mint 37 he says he wants to bet 66 as semibluff!?
  • JohnyC1337


    Good and interesting content.
  • IclickButtons


    rating for content in this vid:
    sirrybob>=obilioo>>>>the other guy ;)
  • jules97


    Overall a great video.

    Only thing I was missed from both guys, was some reasons for having no flop x/r on dry boards (against non exploitable players)?

    Are they afraid of having a weak x/c range and being barrelled of their hands if they x/r their strong hands?
    Do they think they have the board crushed and there is more value in trying to let villain catch up to get more money from villains weaker value hands if he hits something?

    Or some other reasons?

    I think it was a draw. Well played to both.
  • martinemem


    I had to pause the video after this answer:
    Ppl that cbet alot hates to get checkraised, so i checkraise them a lot.

  • Lackoogcb



    yeah a little bit of both...

    It is really easy to get 3 streets of value from a set after we x/r, but do the same with KJo vs a 25% rfi CO range on K32r is pretty hard and it could be an awkward spot on later streets. BU vs BB a bit different, (makes more sense to xr) but I still don't really like it, I'm not saying it is bad, but normally I don't do it.

    If top of your range is K9s,K8s on K23r when you call flop, you will have a really hard time to call three times or call overbets
  • regie


    noone noticed that he is not playing full stack :D
  • iamachicken


    Lackoo > Sirrybob >>>>>>>>> other guy
  • Laci24


    Really good video! :)
  • chathan


    perhaps lackoo, but both was good :)
  • SiwyJazZ



    Want to say i really like that "new" form of coaching movie i think is superb idea to add from time to time that kinda "concept" movie to whole arsenal bewteen sweet sessions, live play and hands review.

    Really, really like these one becouse we can get more deeply into analizing proces and compare with our toud process wchich in my opinion is badly important.

    I see that this one was done about half year ago, but really hope to see more of that kinda type productions.
    One sugestion from me i think it will be better to do question to known player and when we have all rainbow of statistic that we need on big probe of hands then adjust to it and anwser could be more specific and even more intresting.

    Ok at the end i only want to say that is no matter who wins, everyone win who benefit from this production and become better and more aware player.

    Cheers !