$35 180-Man SNG Review With Dual Hole Card Analysis

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  • SNG
  • $38
  • Fullring
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Collin Moshman returns with a review of a solid winning reg in a $35 180-man on PokerStars with Collin himself making a guest appearance at the final table


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Comments (12)

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  • 0ndrej12


    Hi, nice video
    37:00 KQo 3handed ... What do you think about open limp, if the SB is a good reg understanding ICM?
  • G4MBL0RforL1FE


    Nice video as always, thanks a lot, Collin!

    see u at the tables ;)
  • thetrader789


    Hi G4MBL0RforL1FE, are you the hero ? :)
    it is hard to have question here... the explanations are more than clear ... congrat. :)
  • BubbleNedRum


    every monday i wake up praying "please god let it be 45/180 and not 9/18 man" and my prayers got heard :)

    i really dislike the openraise mit A9 29:40, because we allow 4 players behind us to put maximum ICM pressure on ourselves and we have to fold a hand which performs quite well against their ranges.

    i am aware of the fact that this play allows us to open our top range as well, but i dont think it outweights the problem mentioned, so i prefer the openshove.

    all in all great job (y)
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 0ndrej12: Openlimp is a very good idea with reg in SB, the stacks are great for that. Nice comment!

    #2 G4MBL0RforL1FE: Thanks, see you at the tables :)

    #3 thetrader789: Thanks!
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 BubbleNedRum: Haha, thanks! Very interesting spot here. This would be a pretty marginal openshove, folding would definitely be a reasonable play, but I kinda like Hero's line. I definitely agree that Nash 3bet shove ranges will be wide. But I also think that it looks like he may be inducing with a premium and that a lot of regs aren't going to shove light when he MRs UTG at this stack size, because they'll fear a trap.

    What do others think?

    Very glad you enjoyed the vid and that you got your wish on 45/180 :)
  • G4MBL0RforL1FE


    #3: No, I'm not Hero, I just started to play the 180man SNGs on stars. Regularly, I play 6max SNGs @iPoker.

    @Collin: In yr opinion, what's yr ROI longterm in the 180man SNGs?
    I scoped u already, and u have played 9.3k games with a ROI of 32.0% (very impressive btw.!) But I think, that the $3.50 r/a 180s were not tracked correctly by sharkscope..?!
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 G4MBL0RforL1FE: Thanks, for longterm ROI it would really depend on the buyin, and you're right that $3R profits are often slightly overstated for regs on Sharkscope. I think that 180s are good/beatable games, but compared to a few years ago, attainable ROIs have definitely decreased quite a bit!
  • JustgAMblin


    I really LIKE the raise with A9 UTG for the same reason Collin mentioned.

    If i see a reg always do these raises with his entire range, i would adapt to it obv. But if the play looks suspicious, because this player almost never raises with this stacksize, i would make some tight folds.

    If you play alot, its very easy to get the correct reads on most of the regs. Most of them dont mix up their game enough to make it tougher to adapt to them.
  • Eugene84


    If its not final table in 180 man, do i need to set chip ev or leave ICM in holdem resources calculator? And about prizes is it correct to set 100% to first?
  • Ahille22


    I do not understand your thinking at minute 1.
    Why raise on flop?

    You have a mega draw and you don't want villain to fold and neither to get it in. You don't take into consideration the fact that you have position and villain has a wide range.

    From his wide blanced range you isolate yourself vs. A very strong hand and not get max ev by your play.

    I would want FE on the turn if I don't hit and slowly take his cips if I hit one of the draws.
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 Justgamblin: Agreed, nice points :)

    #10 Eugene84: 100% for first is usually what you do, but sometimes you must adjust such as on the bubble or FT bubble. Icmizer can do final 2 table ICM calculations. The other option is just to use winner-take-all and make adjustments, like calling tighter as a midstack on the bubble.

    #11 Ahille22: Nice comments and flatting is definitely a reasonable option, but raising can result in a lot of good outcomes too. He can fold many hands that have ~ 45% equity against us; call, we hit, and can much more easily play for stacks with two more betting rounds given the larger pot size; call, we miss, and we can check back turn and take the free card.