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In this video lnternet focuses on spots that rarely happen. Preflop and Postflop, awkward stack sizes, weird opponents, check-minraises and overbets. He explains how to think in these rare situations and how to make good decisions on the spot.


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  • imgoingtomirage



    If you have any questions - leave them below :)

    Don't forget to check the coaching thread, where you can find more info and updates regarding upcoming webinars with lnternet: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=313968

  • habeichja


    Wieso ist das jetzt Diamant? Konnte gestern leider nur einen Teil des Coachings folgen, bin jetzt enttäuscht das es auf einmal hochgestuft wird.
  • Jefree


    ja, ich hätts auch gern gesehen.
    hab mich schon gefreut, dass endlich mal content von internet mit platin zu sehen ist und jetzt sowas :(
    nene ps
  • SvenBe


    He guys,please keep it in english here. The coaching is available platin+ while we want to deliver this extra service of publishing the recording to ourDiamond+ users. Advantage for you guys: the podcast will also wait for you reaching the diamond-status!
  • LemOn36


    Good stuff, thanks
  • Sneijder1091


    Awesome content! Pls more!
  • Shakaflaka


    Very nice coaching! Congratz!

    One question: for the GTO method to protect our range and to avoid being exploitable vs unknwon bluffing frequencies we are told to defend x% (depending on pot odds) of our ENTIRE range on the river.

    In the article "Gameplan: call down frequencies river" we are told to defend x% of our SHOWDOWN value range.

    I know Internet kind of answered a similar question at the end of the video but I didn't undestand... Can someone help me?
  • LemOn36


    it's % of total range not % of made hands
    there must be a mistake in the article
  • gammastrahler


    In the first hand (5min mark) you decided to take A6s,A5s,J8s,T8s,T7s randomly into your 3betting range...do you think it makes sense to take those hands into a 3betting range rather than hands that are too weak to call?
  • lnternet


    #8, #9

    It's % of the range that beats the best bluff hand. It is NOT % of total range. The articles are correct.

    See my video pokerstrategy.com/video/32388/
  • IronPumper


    coll stuff!

    Only do not agree that cbetting OOP a lot (gameplanwise) in MPvsCo
    (when Co-cc <= 8%) is best on KT2s in theory.
    In theory I now think that checking 100% is best here (in practice likely a mixed strat).
    But yeah,
    do not wanna elaborate too much on this now..

    as said,
    great vid!
  • IronPumper


    One thing more:
    @ what ou said in post #11

    -> considering only the SD-Valuerange OTR, when determining dfendrange (not the total arriving range otr)...

    Does this also count when you face not a 3rdbarell for instance OTR, but you make a rivercbet (with a decent bluffportion in it, in most psots) and get raised on? Logically yeah,
    but on the other side:
    let`s say you make a ps-bet...
    and its balanced -> so you valuebet 2/3 of your range and bluff 2/3 of your range...
    Now when you only consider your SD_Valuerange fdor defend, then it seems in most spots with most sizeings ridicolous, cause then Villain can bluffraise a ton very profitable, when we already fold 1/3 of your bettingrange as Default....
  • IronPumper


    @my own post from #13:
    Its later answered in the vid itself...
  • GingerKid


    "It's % of the range that beats the best bluff hand. It is NOT % of total range. The articles are correct."

    Lets say we bet river 50 value combos and 20 bluff combos. Lets assume all our bluff combos are weaker than the bluffs from villian who raises river. If we defend x% from 50 value combos, each villian bluff is going to be +EV. Is that correct? It is true that his bluffs win vs our bluffs, but if he doesnt raise them, he has to fold them. So I dont get it as well.
  • GingerKid


    To give example what I meant (cant edit comment). Villian raises and needs 50% FE. We defend in that case 50% from our 50 value combos, which means we defend 25 combos. It means that we fold total 65% vs raise. Maybe this is extreme case where all our bluffs are too weak, but I usually dont bluff river with A high, K high, but only low busted draws which are mostly weaker than villian potential bluffs.
  • GingerKid


    Also for hand AhKh, why should we care about being exploited by villian? Anyway raise on river vs this opponent will happen super rare, and next time he might change strategy, mood, different board.

    He looks passive to me, 3bet 5% which indicates passive player, also we should look at raise flop % and turn and if he is really agro we can make a call. I would use population based read that in stars tight regs are not bluffng when all draws miss and when they dont repp anything.