$30 45-man Analysis - Statisitcal Exploitation and Final Table ICM

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Collin Moshman is back with a review of a $30 45-man tournament on PokerStars examining how we can use stats to better exploit our opponents and how to take into consideration final table ICM issues


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Comments (10)

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  • DrPepper


    7:00 I think another big reason for minraising instead of shoving is that we can get away from our AJo if the 3000 chips guy behind us 3bet ships and the other 3000 chips guy calls. You can avoid some cooler spots this way although this will happen pretty rarely of course. I would do the same with a hand like 66 for example as these hands usually have pretty poor equity against multiple opponents.

    Great video although I never play 45s, thanks!
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 DrPepper: That's a really good point, we save a lot of equity relative to shoving those times we MR and face heavy action from multiple opponents.

    Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the vid!
  • breena


    Awesome video Colin. I also dont like to overlimp much either but think its important to have some low suited AX in overlimp range so I would open the A8o. More 45 vids please ;-)
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Breena: Thanks! Generally limpers are recreational players so I'm not usually too concerned with having a predictable overlimp range. But I definitely agree that overlimping some of the AX hands can be our most profitable option, nice point there.

    I'll try to increase my 45man content, appreciate the feedback.
  • benaars


    24:00 what do you think of Iso-raise small to about 2,5k? If he has a trap hand he will most likely limp/shove and we get away easily, and if he doesn't he will probably fold all his junk or we get to play a nice hand in position with initiative.

    *great vid as always!!
  • G4MBL0RforL1FE


    9:00 I was a little bit surprised because of blony_tair's call against you w Q9o for about 7,5bb. What's a reasonable Calling-Range in the BB against a Reg here, knowing that the Button shoves nearly 50% in that spot?
    I mean, blony_tair risks about 35% of his stack or something...
    To be honest, I play 6max turbos regularly and I try to play MTT-SNGs from time to time, so I am just at the beginning of my "MTT-SNG career" . So I always realize that I have some leaks, especially in calling situations, so your videos help me a lot ;) Thanks for that! Nice vid as always :)
  • JanyWins


    Could you make some more videos from 45's also on low stakes, please?
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 JanyWins: Sure, I'll try to do one soon -- thanks for the feedback.

    #6 G4MBL0RforL1FE: It's definitely a correct call, the Nash range goes down to Q8o, and the percentage of his stack he risks isn't a big concern in the earlier stages of an MTTSNG. Good question and glad you enjoyed the vid!

    #5 Benaars: It's a good idea with a lot of hands, but with QTs we lose a lot those times he 3bets. Normally it's really tight to check back here, but given the stack distribution / ICM, it's my preferred line. Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the vid :)
  • G4MBL0RforL1FE


    Just reached a Final Table in a $35 180man SNG. Can I post a link to a replayer here?

    The FT just began and there were some Shorties and 2 big Fish at the table, the BTN called Resteals quit loose in some situations before. It can't be a big mistake to Reshove 77 here, but should I fold because a) there are so many shorties and b) the Pay-Jumps are so massive at a FT?!


    Sry that this question isn't about your vid but it's interesting, too, I think :)

    Thank you! ;)
  • HDecstasy


    CollinMoshman 10:10 33 can we just open shove ?