w34z3l zooming the Micros - NL10

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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In this video w34z3l is going to play live on two zoom tables, aiming for a straightforward style with taking advantage of the good opportunities as they arrive.


fast poker live session micro stakes Zoom

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions below!

  • Balonger93


    at around 29:20 you say you bet small because it's multiway with your TPTK. I thought on a relatively wet board multiway you should generally bet at least half pot? Don't you give flush draws and some potential straight draws too good a price?
  • Balonger93


    AT-AQ pays 1/2-2/3 pot, especially if they have backdoor flush draw and such.
  • w34z3l


    HUD ----->

  • w34z3l


    #2 #3 Just general principles for correct bet sizing. We are multiway so we reduce sizing. We are in a 3bet pot so we reduce sizing.

    We extract value from a wider range while simultaneously losing less money when we get x/r. (Multi-way x/r super strong at micros)

    Having said this I don't have any huge issues with a slightly larger sizing, I just use my preferred sizing in the vid.
  • gAsheks


    Is there any chance that you could make like nl50-nl100 zoom vids?

    K7 hand. So we are scared of 99 and KQ. I doubt nl10 player is raising KJ for value here unless he sees his trips and his hands start shaking. :D What you think about calling turn and reevaluating river? I still see him barreling flush draws. Maybe he is even raising some QT or so.
  • changosombra


    thanks for this video
  • nvaz


    very nice vid... keep it up.
  • razukhin


    thanks for this video!
  • w34z3l


    #6 Yeah, it really just depends what pokerstrategy.com is looking for :)

    Tbh I can't actually remember where that K7 hand is in the video =p
  • philwen


    again AK hand on 29:20
    i would happily go broke with AK on a wet flop in a 3bet pot - can you maybe explain the situation a little bit more? i mean i give him here also hands like AQ, FD, straightdraws and sometimes even pure bluffs (rarely)...
  • dzixxx


    Imo u play too carefully.

    01:02 folded AJo. It was easy to 3bet or flat call. I play normal tables, not zoom, maybe there is diffrent. I saw that players often call 3bets, but they fold much to cBet in 3bet pot.

    01:49 easy 3bet imo, you could check how many tables he played and if there will be 2 or more it probablly could be regular.

    04:30 nice 4bet but if u bluff, u could bluff for 2$. Why? Because it looks stronger. Maybe its funny :D but i notice that use.

    24:18 TOO SMALL!! I donk there for 1$ at least. There is 4way, u dont know players and they dont know you. I dont thing that anybody will fold there TT or other OP.
  • dzixxx


  • NothingIsForSho


    good call at 23:30. you only lose to two hands but no other hands make sense at the same time and check min raise = nuts vs microstakes fish.
  • MrChinaskiRNMD


    dzixxx: if you have a bronze status just ask the coach questions. Don't tell him how to play and, pls, don't use therms like "lmo". It's just sad.
  • Gawdless73


    Thank you very nice video.