W34z3l's Walkthrough - C-Betting and Planning

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W34z3l moves onto postflop play in the latest episode of W34z3l's 6-max walkthrough as he dives into c-betting and planning for future streets as well as exploiting our opponents on the flop


Contibet explotation postflop series Theory Video W34z3l's Walkthrough

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  • bluedream23


    Awesome !!! :D
  • 2Tilt2Win


    YEAHHHHHH ... im soooo HAPPY :D
  • KingKas


    Yes baby
  • Rzeczpospolita


    Good video with a clear link to strategy!
  • Baggydogg


    I have heard about the importance of planning hands many times, but this is the first time someone explains to me how to actually do it. Thank you W34z3l !
  • misspookie


    I disagree about how vulnerable your hand is cause they can always flop the nuts or a big draw and raise you big on the flop and force you to fold the better hand on the flop or you can be dominated. The point is you don't know how vulnerable your hand is cause you don't see his cards. If the guy is floating and bluffing your top pair of 7s is no good against this guy cause hes gonna barrel any scare card. So peope will pot bet middle pair the guy raises and they push cause their hand vulnerable to see the nuts or 2 pair or some set. Thats how people lose is over playing a pair cause they believe their hand is vulnerable when really they can easily be beat.
  • jonnyZ


    Really goood vid!
  • sergiudv


    Very good video. The entire series is very usefull for beginners Thank you for your work.
    If is possible, maybe in one of the next episodes, you can make one about sesion review, wich is also very important. Thank you
  • sipox


    Very nice video as usual!

    Thanks for this serie, very useful!
  • changosombra


    best coach ever
  • EverSteel


    Hello w34z3l!

    37:00 which low-strength hands are non-vulnerable on a drawy texture to be played by check/call with initiative OOP?
  • EverSteel


    Another thing: 23:52 22-66 are not there... have noticed this in several different productions, what's the reason behind it?
  • w34z3l


    #11 I think I potentially mentioned this earlier in the vid or series. Basically non vulnerable mid-strength hands are those with redraws. I.e we either block some or our opponents potentially outs or we hold the draw ourself.

    For example we might have a 2nd pair on flush draw board. It might be a little weak to bet for value, but we are not worried about just betting for protection anyway since we actually hold the flush-draw ourselves.
  • w34z3l


    #12 No reason, I guess it's just not possible to consider every situation in detail. The idea is just to create rough guidelines.
  • MrIndependent


    Wow, an insanly good beginners guide for cbetting strategy as well as multi street planning and thinking.

    I'd love to see the same spot from the perspektive of villain, explaining when and why he is calling, folding or raising against our action in these very same spots. Actually, it would be a guide to play in those spots, when we are not the openraiser. As you mentioned, in these days moves like floating are more common, but I dont think most players know how to do this correctly or when to call down a weak Toppair to multibarrels and stuff like that (including me of cause ;) ).
  • ConteCaly


    very beautiful video... thanks
  • NoSekiller


    nice video, thanks =)
  • AtrociousNightmare


    One of the best videos out there for this type of content, thank you!
  • DrDunne


    I think this is one of the best videos I have seen on this topic :)
  • radeveRNMD


    Really goood nice video, thanks
  • genchev80


  • rangeer


    I have to thank you. This video helped me to open my eyes and gave me a new way how to look at the game and game planning mostly! Thanks again
  • RainbowPonny


    Hey i was just wondering, when a villain is folding >60% to cbets we call it exploitably high. What do we mean by this? Can we cbet ATC on dry boards?
  • ruastinraata


    This is total gold. I suppose I have to watch this still couple of times to digest everything.
  • Morph101


    Great video, thanks. Just what my game needs right now.
  • moou1126


  • AApoKKer


    That's a great video with good guide line to c betting.
  • fankyou


    Good walkthrough! :)
  • Hesticus


    I like this too. Well-structured and easy to follow :) Posting hands is what I do a lot so do not hesitate to follow my blog! haha
  • uriddu


  • omashiplay


  • Tamnig986


    König 110 6