NL $10 SSS

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $10
  • Fullring
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How to play the SSS against other short stack players? Undercover82 gives you a good introduction.


Live Video sixtabling Starting hand chart

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  • basstripper


    aint it awful to play 6 tables at a time?
  • Sasa1234


    How much did you win/lost on this session???
  • extpan


    What about table selection?:)
  • jayson2008


    hahaha TT is a fold :P
  • Tigle


    Так много кликов мышкой ,а в лучшем случае по нулям остался.
  • carulus


    I don't like the sudden end while you are still actually playing a hand.
  • jacove


    His voice is so annoying
  • bobdefete


    your not even following the SSS chart.....
  • pieter80


  • Jdz


    Great video, thanks!
  • RaunoPoke


    liked how u play, but u kinda played weird, u didnt played the tables what strategy tolds, and u steal with so sad cards, is this good should i do same?
  • 1z2x3y


    Nice, i thought of doinging this myself before even seeing this video
    due to there beinging so many SSSer's out there these days.
    However i think you have to many tables open (makes you dizzy) bearing in mind that this is aimed at begginers.But i do understand that you also are trying to make money as well as educate so thanks
  • LiManoDeDios


  • boris88RNMD


  • Bonifacius


    40min 2nd table push with TT against 2 opponents
  • K1LL3RK4LL3R


    Koncentráció az egekben.