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Join w34z3l in his adventure on the NL25 zoom tables. The format allows for pausing the action and reviewing interesting hands as they happen, then getting back in for more!


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Comments (33)

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your comments and questions below!
  • KuroiYami


    Why didn't you record full action With TT, did you lose?
  • w34z3l


    #2 sorry not sure which TT hand you are referring to, please mention timings with comments
  • mamuka3004


  • smecherie


    Play poker,be awesome!
  • Lanstw


  • Power2311


    31:54 lol what was that?
  • andiofwbafc


    Enjoyed as usual w34z3l !

    #7 - it made me jump lol. It's a clock chiming on the hour I think.
  • fliber8


  • w34z3l


    hahaha oops. Yeah that tells me there is a new post in the hand eval forums :D
  • nomorefish


    @54s 18:30 what do you think about OB/potbet river on blanks?
  • nguyenhoangvinh


    interesante!! lol
  • fellinix


    zoom adapter zoom
  • Kotychka


    отличный вод
  • wolv3rine


    02:01 Hero on SB why lead Flop JTo on J62s vs unknown BTN (not Full Stack+mobil icon). What's the plan on T/R?
  • AlvisR


    w34z3l why do you keep your stats on table, what is the purpose?
  • donkkis


    At around 13:00 on the JJ hand how do you feel about checking back the turn and firing the river if it's a blank? Could we this way extract more value from the weaker pocket pairs in his range that he is most likely folding to a turn barrel since the turn is not a great card for us to be barreling on a bluff?
  • modular


    nice video. A lot of info, thanks so much!!
  • modular


    nice video, a lot of info. Thanks so much!!
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!

    Why don't speak about your HUD lines? :O
  • w34z3l


    #11 Well....he folded turn. But assuming he calls can be ok to overbet and fold him off Jx. I'd usually give up by default though, we still beat some gutshots and we don't necessarily know if he's the type to fold pairs.
  • w34z3l


    #15 I guess it's not true to say he's a total unknown when we can look at his stack-size and mobile icon. Position and initiative means nothing to these guys so checking to PFR is not that necessary unless we know for certain he cbets too much.

    We can probably bet twice and x/f river. If we are worried turn value is thin we can compensate by reducing our sizing.
  • w34z3l


    #16 For when I play regular tables and interested in my table image.
  • w34z3l


    #17 I think betting turn is stronger. We have the effective nuts here (except vs slowplays). Opponent may call with those weaker PP's anyway yet may fold them on scare card if we check back the turn.

    There are also draws in opponents range that we can extract value from on the turn but can't extract value from on the river.
  • w34z3l


    #20 Yup, I was supposed to put a slide showing the HUD stats at the beginning, my bad.

  • w34z3l


    Thanks everyone else for the nice comments :)
  • KKNgroup


    Liked the video! Also very inspiring! Thank You.
  • DrDunne


    01:21 -- "pocket AA - usually an open in the CO". suppose so!
  • DrDunne


    28:33 -- would it be ok to call again with AK? it seems like he would bet overpairs on the flop but when he fires on the Q it's less likely he'd do that with SDV hands so he looks quite bluffy and our AK beats his air..
  • CamboCat


    Great video; very informative!
  • KingKas


    04:30 -- TT dont raise it to 9$ and leave him with 60 cents behind if he calls.
  • Midastouchhh


    nice video
  • onoi4ik


    Люблю такие видео! Спасибо автору)