18 Russian men in a Collin Moshman leakfinder

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CollinMoshman is travelling to Russia... well, sort of. Watch him review a session played by one of our Russian members, while explaining the particularities of 18-man SnG's and how to adapt to the prize structure.


18 18man man review session sng two table

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the video and leave your comments and questions below!
  • toad1


    Watched the first 4 mins of the video and i really like this commentary by collin moshman, great.
  • vovkich1985


    Thank you Collin! I appreciate the work you've done to make this video be shown to community.
    I was in a hudge tilt. I havn't played since I made this capture, so I can't watch the whole video right now.
    I should say that this video is a great motivation for me :) Thank you Collin once more!
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 SoerenHP: Thanks, glad to hear I started the vid strong :)

    #3 Vovkich1985: No problem, thanks for providing the footage! You're a very good player and I hope you continue playing :)
  • thetrader789


    Thanks Collin ! how can I be not agree with your comment ? :) I just notice that you suggest to be more aggressive at the CO vs a limp from UTG or EP with hand like AT+ 66+ that is the point I have to work on...
    Love your vid mate :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Thetrader789: For sure, I definitely recommend raising limps in late position with hands that a lot of players overlimp instead. Thanks, very glad you enjoyed the vid!
  • s0cru3l


    very nice job, thx collin and hero

    imo its really nice that hero looks at stats and plays according to player tendecies since most of the 7s players dont do that - nice job :)
    But he had small sample most of the time and looked for some more detail stats, which are reasonable only with bigger sample size
    + f.e. TT spot 14:30 its snap shove against everybody and hero checked out the stats and the result was timebanking out

    + collin, it would be nice to see some 18m action from higher lvls (30s/+)
  • kosty27


    good explication whit pairl like 77-TT of the position ;) ,help me for future
  • toske1


  • genchev80


  • brillegutt


    Nice video!
  • bacibaci123


  • chuzhai


    good and nicely.....:D
  • AApoKKer


    Thanks CollinMoshman for commentary on this video. It give the new aspect of limping at late position. Great video ...... CHEERS
  • Seba7777


    very good!
  • Pesho85


    Well done. Thank you!
  • RayRui213


    Thanks CollinMoshman for commentary on this video. It give the new aspect of limping at late position. Great video ...... CHEERS
  • zeza88


  • olorunshogo24


    interesting good thanks collins