$100 9-man Double Header

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $109
  • Fullring
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Our SNG boss Collin Moshman reviews the play of a regular at the $100 9-man SNGs. See how this regular handles himself in one of the toughest tournament formats online


PokerStars sng User Session Review

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  • ghaleon


    30:00 98o: I doubt this call will show profit versus someone playing 40/11. Even if he is short.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Ghaleon: BE point is around top 61%, I definitely agree it's close, personally I wouldn't make the exploitive fold here.
  • Barte86


    Bel video come gli altri! Dahn's89 era il mio coach nel 2012
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 Barte86: Grazie!
  • sila1990


    #3 You don.t expect him to openlimp some hands even if he is short? I often see players like him limpimg in spots like that.
  • DrPepper


    29:00 Collin, you think about folding a suited ace in that spot? My jaw is dropping. It's a clear nash shove and we are also in the BB next hand which it even clearer. No way, I am ever, ever, ever folding that hand here.

    Definitely an interesting video. I agree with every bit of criticism you have with Hero's play. The biggest problems are probably the sick betsizing mistakes against weaker players. Shouldn't happen on these levels.
  • s0cru3l


    imo its really close...since nash calling ranges are tighter than in real game...the guy right behind us cant call AQo in nash + the loose BS on SB with this 8.4%, 66+ ATs+ AJo+ = no way he will not be wider
    its true blinds are coming + we are pushing on shorter stack, which is good for us
    = in KO i am shoving, in normal sng i am folding

    nice vid collin!

    I am curious whether hero beats the games


    I played 20+ tables in this set, and I could made some mistakes in this tournaments. I mainly play 15-60$ sng's tournaments and sometimes run 100$