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In this video Internet shows how to use game theory for exploitative and optimal plays. He also discusses how to construct bluff-ranges.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the video and leave your questions below!

  • oblioo


    A8o hand: I was surprised to see you didn't consider shoving the river. How do you think the EV of a bluffraise compares to a call? With what hands are you bluffraising if not 8x no club?
  • GingerKid


    QTo hand:
    With raise, you protect your equity, but also 7% 3bet range is not that wide. So we would need him to cbet very high % on flop and defend with very high % vs raise, and then again on further streets defend wide.
    With raise we also potentially stop him from spewing with barreling (typical for agro fish). He might spew vs raise, but is I imo more likely to spew with barreling. Usually I play passive vs agro fish and let him put the money in. He has 55% cbet flop and turn 45%, so it doesnt look that he is really too agro. And if he really cbets this flop around 55% with around 7-10% range, we are not doing great with raise.
  • Zebbu


    I get an "error loading media: file could not be played".

    Other videos work.
  • Alaton


    Error loading media: File could not be played
  • KTU


    please try "Flash". Does it solve the problem?
  • TickTack24


    Flash works
  • Lackoogcb



    He did consider! At the end of the hand he said: do the GTO approximate for homework and you'll see if is it a call or maybe a bluff raise.