W34z3l's Walkthrough - Population reads

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In the seventh installment of his walkthrough w34z3l will be sharing some of his population reads on the microstakes, as well as demonstrating how to use them in a short live session.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and post your questions in the thread below:


    Bel video, focalizzato su aspetti che spesso trascuriamo. Grazie alla grafica si riescono a capire i concetti sebbene espressi in lingua inglese.
  • AlvisR


    KK hand on possible river flush card for villain - the way i bleed money :(
  • Baggydogg


    I love your Walkthrough series and it has improved my game. But: Why start off the series on the Silver level and then suddenly publish in episode number 5 on gold? Pls keep the remaining episodes on the Silver level W34z3l.
  • Dandiiik


    Hello. Great stuff, really helpful, thank you for that. One population read I have noticed is postflop open shove. When villain shoves or raise shoves usually OTF, it indicates air or draw. Drawy textures are the best where you can apply this because there are many draws possible. So when I have a top pair medium kicker or better I snap call and usually (90%) face worse hand.

    Important to say is that only fish do this. You will see regs do this close to never. It is contrary to the minbet/minraise/min3bet kinda stuff because it seems to me, that fish want to keep you in the pot so with strong hands they like to minbet and minraise to keep you in the pot.
  • andiofwbafc


    @ post # 4. It is pokerstrategy that decide what level to put the video on NOT Weazel ;)

    Thanks for the video again Weazel, will watch it later when I can concentrate on it more.
  • BlackBubble


    Great Serie of Videos!!! w34z3l you have a great talent to explain good and with short explanations. You come straightforward to the important things without talking too much, or repeating everything too often. Continue like this. Big compliment to you w34z3l!!!!!!!
  • SneakyhanD


    #4 - He said in the forums that he is not responsible for the restriction levels, it's totally up to PokerStrategy.

    and I do agree that it should be released as Silver all the way as all content is still relevant for Silver users playing nl2.

    PS.com , please do sth !
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the vid! :) Really hepfull stuff!
  • NoSekiller


    wow! really really useful video =) thanks
  • mattyvx


    38mins we assess his 3B range is tight but it's still ok to fold 55 there for setmining? I am normally calling there vs this villian type @ 10/25nl so maybe thats a mistake, vs a more aggressive villian roughly vs what range do we need to start defending 55 to defend enough of our wide opening range
  • FollowTheSmartMoney


    Very, very good.
  • Thukam


    Very nice series
  • Tyrion88


    Such a cool series.
  • silvera123


    41:10 "This is essentially how you print money at the microlimits" Gold
  • CucumbaMan


    I can finally watch these videos! Thanks for the great stuff!