W34z3l's Walkthrough - 3-bet pots out of position

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • Shorthanded
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In the eith part of his walkthrough w34s3l will be looking into the problems that arise when playing 3bet pots OOP with the initiative. Focus is on the Cbetting and the gameplan on the flop, turn and river.


3bet 6max bet initiative oop postlop Shorthanded walkthrough weasel

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and don't forget to do your homework!
  • Svinhugg


    Gold-status again. Time to give up this.
  • Davis80


    Gold :(
  • gerigeri173


    Great! Ty!
  • Zolotarsp


    In last example you meant to put Jc on the board instead of Js, right?
  • w34z3l


    #5 yeah I think so
  • DannyMLennon


    On wet boards that turn dangerous cards, should we count sets as re-draw made hands?
    E.g JJ on J78ss2s
    Would the best option be check/call?
  • ConteCaly


    beautiful video

    thanks coach
  • VaskataBuci


    I get some error around 22nd minute and could not continue further!
  • Laci24


    Very nice vid! :)
  • spl4t


    last donkey picture is my favorite
  • SamSay


    I have read that I should balance my play, but now I understand how exactly to do it - thank you very much.
  • DecMate


    Hey weazel. At 46 minuites in, you talk about pocket 4's and how we don't cbet on a board like this. Yet with a hand like A4, you say we should cbet (earlier on in the video) to protect our hand from hands like J10, that have equity and may bluff us.
    This doesn't make sense, am i missing something?
  • DecMate


    Awesome videos weazel, loving them.