Cruising through NL500 Zoom

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Shorthanded
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Join mbml in his zoom adventure through NL500. In the first video he will be faced with some tough decisions for his whole stack, while explaining dynamics against some of the regulars that he encounters every day.


fast Live Video mid PokerStars speed stakes Zoom

Comments (12)

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  • partyace7


    I saw first 4 minutes so:

    I will never go to make diamond for videos like this.

    the format is very bad ->4 tabbles -> manny spots missed -> manny mistakes and so on

    Guys , dont post videos just to show us that u have an coach player who play the Amazing NL500 ,
    Post video to learn us somethink.

  • coldchurch


    Ignore partyace.
  • nmnmnm


    please turn off the stars sound or somehow lower the volume if possible. the warning sound is annoying cause it's kind of loud relative to your voice
  • darkonebg



    Indeed, mbml is sorry for the Stars sounds and promises they will be gone from the next series.

  • darkonebg


    @partyace7 - This is a live video that shows a regular session and gives an insight of the thinking process of the coach. Many users prefer to learn that way.
    For the ones that don't, we have plenty of theory videos: of Poker
  • kingpowl


    not able to watch due this sound
  • kingpowl


    [..] due to [..]
  • LorD231984


    Next time please sit out, when finishing the video, now AK hand is missing...

    Anyway not bad overall, not counting the enormous amount of timeouts:( in interesting spots.
  • mbml


    hey everyone, apologize for the messy video. In future I'll just play 3 tables with 1 table hand replayer, it seems that 3 tables is the optimal amount in terms of having enough action.

    I've also disabled the sound in my pokerstars client for good so hopefully this shouldn't be a problem in the future. The thing about the sound is that I have been using it for the past 5.5 years and I guess I'm just a little too used to it so I tend to forget to turn it off.
  • Shevtshenko


    AJ #2 36:30

    thoughts on different lead sizes on the river? You didn't seem to even consider leading for any normal amount, only for an underbet.
  • givikoOOO


    i saw firs 4 minutes so... ican say it,s horible - 1000$ at 5$/10$ it is not good ))))))
  • GingerKid


    min 3:50, K6o 3bet BB vs BU. Why not bet river value? I would bet around 33% to get calls vs Ax and weaker pairs. Imo he will have moslty Ax hands, because pairs like 88, TT will bet for value/protection.