HU SnGs with Collin and honigmund38

  • Recorded coachings
  • SNG
  • $16 - $55
  • Heads-up
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Collin has a special guest - midstakes HU SNG regular honigmund38. Together they will review one $60 and one $30 HU SnG that he played earlier that day and then go for some live $15 matches at PokerStars. Focus will be on playing postflop.


Heads up heads-up hu Live Video poker postflop play review session sit and go stars

Comments (4)

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this podcast!
  • DrPepper


    I find this video pretty hard to watch, because your guest says "aaaahm" every 3 seconds. I'm sure it was interesting but I couldn't finish it because of that.
  • pelbonek


    Great stuff, great guest. Thanks
  • Mennck


    11:00 A7s - I'm not so sure if in this spot villain has 20~25% of air. In my experience facing a raise river 90%+ is nuts even against regs. Also, I think it's unlikely a reg would bluff river in the 1st hand against an unknown. But I get the call, this is a bad spot, some villains could try to rep the A and our hand is pretty good.

    1:13:05 89s - I don't understand why you valuebet 9x so big on that river. If we're looking for a hero call isn't it better to bet a bit smaller (250 instead 350), so hero gets better odds to make a mistake?

    good video