They called it GTO - river play and putting theory to practice

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200 - $500
  • Shorthanded
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In the final part of the series covering misconceptions about game theory, Tackleberry will discuss the river play myths. He will then show you some carefully selected hands that he played on the midstakes in PokerStars and iPoker, which showcase the concepts that you have learned in the series so far.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the series final and leave your questions in the comments below!
  • matusko


    JcTc hand: This is an overplay by villain only considering you have no c/shoving range on the turn.
    I would think most players would c/jam the turn with 99 and some draws pretty often, so then he can easily vbet river assuming you have like an 8%-9% calling range. I dont think most people call 55,33 here pre. Why do you call 55,33 here pre?
  • Tackleberry


    Hey Matusko, you´re right, once we have a x/shoving-range on the turn, things obv. differ, as well as when we exclude small pockets from our pre-calling-range, but even if you take the defense-range suggested by PS (AsAc, KdKh, KdKs, KdKc, QQ, AJs+, KJs+, QJs, JTs, AQo) and construct a reasonable x/c-range on flop / turn, shoving AK on the river is massively -EV, as our calling-range is exactly flushes and KK+.
  • matusko


    Well (AsAc, KdKh, KdKs, KdKc, QQ, AJs+, KJs+, QJs, JTs, AQo) is insanely tight for defending, thats 3,77%, most people will be defending like 8-9% i would think.
    I would shove AK there vs most villains, expecting them to have a T shoving range and also not sloplaying preflop enough.

    Also A9s vs KQo: For heros bluffs i would give hero AcJx,AcQx,A5s almost always here.
    Also what strategy do you think BB should be playing on the turn?

    Thanks, pretty good video overall
  • poker4me


    you are off in the analysis of the A9s hand vs his KQo calldown.

    You analzie the river like he was betting the turn, but he went for the cc, which makes his call even worse because i would not expect you to bet a hand with sdv on the turn, so you cant turn, 7x 8s or 9s into a bluff on the river because they would likely have checked behind on the turn.