W34z3l's Walkthrough - Can you Feel the Maths Tonight?

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In the sixth part of his walkthrough w34z3l will explain the fundamental math principles that are needed when playing poker - counting outs, calculating odds, break-even point of a bluff and value-bet sizings.


Beginner math mathematics series walkthrough weasel

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  • KingKas


    Thanks w34z3l. Very nice series! But I did not know, that poker players hate math. Now I know why I get called so often xD
  • AlvisR


    Perfect! It was nice to refresh memory and learn new things. I wonder what comes next :) live play nl25?
  • demutter


    nice Videoseries..Thx so far..
    but one point..it is always nice to here about Poker math and of course its important to know, theoretical! But imo in Practice it is way more difficult and that is something this and other Videos, about Pokermath doesn´t mention.
    For example the Point that we can only profitable valuebet, if we got 50% Equity vs our opponents Range. Thats the Theory but in Practice there are much more we must think about: Type of opponent, our Position, realizing the Equity and so one..
  • w34z3l


    #4 hahaha, I'm glad someone gets the reference - just replace "love" with "maths" and thats the theme tune for the vid tonight :D
  • w34z3l


    #1 Thanks KingKas - Great job with the homework btw :)
  • w34z3l


    #2 The main live play in this series will be in the 10th vid of the series. However there is a 25nl zoom live vid being released alongside the series shortly although not official part of the series.
  • w34z3l


    #3 Yup sure, and other factors are really outside the scope of the series. The intention of this video is just to make players familiar with the absolute basics of poker maths. In particular I hope this will be of interest to players who have avoided maths so far in their poker career.
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the vid!
  • ConteCaly


    very beautiful video... easy to understand...


    32:00 we invest 6bb to win 10bb pot. 6/10=60%
    we need 60%?
  • cookyik


    #11 you need to invest 6bb to win a total of 10bb+6bb pot. 6/16=37.5%
    or if you like ratio (as I do), you need to risk 6bb to win 10bb = 10:6 ~ 1.667:1 ~ 37.5%
  • maythany


    Is this all the math that we need to know for the lowest microstakes?

    If so then I'm good to go :)
  • tonkox


    #13 you really can do it without the math in this video but it is really going to affect your bb/100. And ofcourse if you think this is a way small % of the math in poker you can start digging and analyzing yourself ( there are a lot of interesting math threads on the internet)
  • Hesticus


    Nice article! I indeed should pay more attention on these elements during my sessions haha
  • modeob


    Congratulations!! Iam from spanish comunity, and i always be crazy with ratio combination and porcentage calculation!! You explain in the easily way!!!

    VERY TY!!!
  • Worldtraveler


    hellooo, i need a help please, i prefer to use % instead of ratio, but both are confuzing for me. Specialy when i play lower limits and nubmber got involved. Sorry because i am donkey, but was escaping from math classes. Thanks
  • silvera123


    24:16 just divide the bet amount by the equity, lad (5bb / 0,18)