Putting opponents on ranges and postflop play

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Collin Moshman is back with a new video! This time he'll be playing the midstakes in a $60 non-turbo SnG. Focus in this session will be putting opponents on ranges and postflop play.


colin midstakes non-turbo postflop play Ranges Session Review standard

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions for Collin in the comments below!
  • pertla125


    Hello Collin,

    I find the topic about paying attention on HU
    while playing other games at the same time that are in various stages other than HU pretty interesting and discussable so here are my views on it...When it comes to STT SNGs(especially 6max) I have developed what I call the1-2 rule which means that a player should play only a double amount of tables compared to the max amt. of HU they can handle at the same time( so if I i.e. can play 6 HU sngs without any difficulties,I play 12 tables of 6max).
    I have to say that I have seen a lot of,even good regs neglect their HU strategy and game in STTs just because they play a bit too many tables than they can play optimally, just for the sake of better hourly, and putting a bigger volume to have a clearer insight in their ROI,or to make more VPPs to make the rakeback bonuses faster.
    When it comes to my preference I would much rather put in more hrs and play lesser tables,than play more tables in shorter periods.
    It seems to me that many players are afraid that they will time out on other tables
    when they are trying to make a decision in HU of the STT.
    In this particular instance I think its pretty much a rarity to see a HU of a 6max be even stacked and +40 BBs,especially on the higher stakes as there are not that many bad players who are spewing chips for no reason like on this clip.But when it happens, many plrs push the NASH to their extreme marginalities,there arent that many postflop confrontations and it basically comes down to who is gonna be coolered or survive a flip now....
    What I did to improve my concentration and attention for multitabling is I played 6 tables of HU Hypers simultaneously without TN or any other software...This way it taught me to stay fully focused and not break down from a pressure of distractions of all different sorts(like exiting the finished tables,reging for a new one,exiting different pop up etc....)After a while I could hardly feel any difference between Making a decision on HU or some 4 way pots in the multitable session of STTs and I constantly try to improve my HU 20-30BB stacks....
    Hope this friendly advice will work for you too:)

    All in all,would really like to hear your opinions about what I stated above.
    And once again your video was awsome,really like this 30 min. vids and would really like if you could do some $100 or even $200 like this!

    All the best....
  • ggccc


    please allow to gold status? :D
  • Mishantiy


    please translate to russian players
  • allinski74


    good stuff
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 ggccc: Hope your request gets accommodated!

    #4 Mishanity: Same comment :)

    #5 Allinski74: Thanks.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Pertla125: Thanks for your question/comment, and sorry for the delay replying. I like the concept of a rule that translate HU multi-tabling to 6max/FR tables. But 2:1 seems pretty conservative, I'm thinking more like at least 4:1? There's no question that for many players (myself included) we're playing too many tables to give every one the full attention it deserves, but the hourly rate including rakeback/FPPs may compensate.

    On a side note, how do you play 6 HUSNGs at once? I play a lot of tables but I couldn't keep up with 6 HU's at once ... very impressive. PM me if you'd like to come on one of my coachings, I think this would be a really interesting topic to discuss more.
  • turbo2014


    Ga non pff