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The best way to play STT: start tight and make good pushes, when the blinds are high. Morgoth shows you, how he plays the SNG Speed tables on roomPoker.


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    Horrible Quality.
  • mishh06


    great video! a lot to learn here :)
  • rokuro


    качество картинки не ахти :(
  • rokuro


    кстати кто-нибудь знает, где можно раздобыть такой курсор?
  • GibraltarApe


    really good video!
    worth watching
  • schabadach


    content is really good, but the quality of the video sucks :/ , the other silver videos got a way better quality..
  • ellninjo


    Great video, bad quality, chipstacks are fuzzy.

    I think there was a playing mistake at 13:40, he had an A and board was 6A66J and he just called 1000 on the river with only 530 left, 530 is to small with the 300 blinds, so he should go all in and therefore taking another 530 from his opponent. That way he would damage opponent hard since the opponent would have less then 500 left, but this way he had 1000 left which could have been enough to bring him back to life.
  • BustUout


    Hyvä video, erityisesti bubble-vaihe oli erittäin opettavainen opetus. Kiitän!
  • duunari


    Tuolla ohiveojen määrällä pitääkin tulla menestystä...
    Olihan se ihan opettavaista kamaakin sinänsä että aggrea pitää vissiin lisätä omaan peliin noissa sittareissa reilusti
  • Roodbaars1986


    very usefull thanks :) learned a lot from it.
  • gonnagetya


    I like your videos, Morgoth. Comments which are easy understandable and definately less trash-talking than in other videos.

  • Vargan


    Nice. Good video.
  • ludicrous


    Szerintem jó a videó, viszont kár, hogy nem mindig látni (még teljes képernyőn sem) a "hátsó" lapját!
    De szerencsére a megjátszott lapokat bemondja.
  • Sacrifice51


    Great Video! Where you got the Partypoker Carddeck from ?
  • Gamplay


    joo just tuo buuble oli kyllä opettavainen..pitää vain puskea kaikki koko ajan
  • hugoleal32


    por acaso ate percebo ingles mt bem, mas sendo este 1a comunidade luso-brasileira n deveriam ser os videos exclusivamente em portugues.
    Apesar d tudo bom video, mts boas dicas.
  • Mendezov


    Engem nem győzött meg, és én is hibának tartom azt amit az angolnyelvűn írnak.
  • Dumm1984


    30:33 BR: I would push any2 there.
  • straycat


  • 3rdTimePlay


    хаха прикольный чувак :) переезды называет правосудием :) что вообщемто иногда и правда :)
  • ambushed


    axo k td o k sirva pa aprender é smp bem vindo
  • MikeAK47


    That was a good video, I enjoyed it. I have to agree with mishh06, I think calling and leaving yourself with 500 chips if you lose is silly, especially when the blinds are 150/300, should have dumped the river. I hope you thought it was an all in bet from him, and that's why you just called. It's probably a multi-table error, I make them myself time to time :). Well played.
  • MikeAK47


    The video quality is fine BTW, just full screen it and you can read the chip stacks just fine!
  • cannell555


    Nice video. GJ!
  • polskawygraeuro


    good game:D
  • overbe


    good vid! thx
  • suvalgysiu


    nice vid.
  • michaelshao


  • vood


    нереальное везение :)
  • flamedragontim


    Good vid and good info
  • mouse89


  • StueyMoniz


    alguem me sabe explicar porque e que ele com pocket pair de 7 aos 9 minutos em utg, diz que e raise ou fold e que nao poderia dar limp?
  • Romage


    you have a bit of video here at polski forum defenetly ))
  • feinherb


    i have to look this video again so small vid :)
  • Nhoca


    É pena que a qualidade do vídeo não permita distinguir facilmente o valor das stacks, que só se começa a perceber melhor para o fim quando há diferença de ordens de grandeza. No início também seria útil ter a noção da relação das jogadas com as stacks.
  • luvmeluvme


    hihi ich kann garkein chinesisch :D
  • cstival


    Excellent, Morgoth!!

    I really enjoyed the video, specially the last part, where I learned a lot about stealing in the Push/Fold many times I didn't push with that cards....

    So in conclusion I think that it was really helpful...

    Critics: The screens were too smalls and it was difficult to see everything clear.

  • HasuHasi


    one of the best videos ive seen so far
    thx a lot
  • kandanceky


    Yo creo que has tenido más suerte que MArco el día d la madre y que muchos all in no están justificados he incluso considero que tu juego agresivo es bastante perdedor.
    Un humilde aficionadao.
  • txfoyochipz


    Good video.
    IMO you are a little too aggressive in some spots. It is clear that you are confident with your post flop play, but I believe that most players watching this vid do not have the same skills.
    I have played a lot on these limits on PP and while some of your plays are good on higher limits, the fold equity is too low on 11$ to justify some of your steals on the flop and from mp with A9. I would also do it occasionally, but definetely not standard.
    IMO abc poker without bluffing works best on these limits. The players call way too loose and when given the opportunity will bluff away there stacks.
    sorry for long comment...
  • txfoyochipz


    I hope I am not saying too much, but I noticed a couple of other plays that are not recommended to beginning players on this level IMO. I think the limp behind w QJhearts is good, but it can put you in difficult (marginal)situations on the flop. The same goes for the J9off limp on the button. If you are not confident with your post-flop play you should fold these hands.

    I didn't like the overcall with pocket 9s though. Easy fold imo.

    OK thats all from me, I hope my comments made some sense.
  • Raisolution


    Very nice video :) One question - with how many BBs left is the push with A5s on 27:30 ?
  • Freemanjke


    на 7-ой минуте коллирует рейз на 1/8 стека с гатшотом... лузовато как-то
  • Freemanjke


    Хм, и не только в том моменте. Или большинство регов на 20-ом играют чуть лузовее, чем, к примеру, большинство регов на 6-ом?
  • Freemanjke


    #4 приведи в пример хоть 1 момент, где было "нереальное везение"
  • martoman2k10


    good video, hopefully will be helpful to me :P
  • mariostoona


    nice vid but not such a good quality..however,thanx.
  • aghiri

  • AlexeyYarkiy


    good video
  • zyvy


    wow grat
  • guenni187


    sorry but in english is not my Favorit videos here.
  • micleo


    lol so old video, I wonder if many things changed on the online tables since 2007. Huehuehueheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee huehuehueeeeeeeee
  • invictus11


    Много полезно видео.
  • LiManoDeDios


  • LiManoDeDios


  • LiManoDeDios


  • pianist8716


    Great video. Thanks :)
  • havanag1la


  • Lasted


  • Alfajtd


    That way he would damage opponent hard since the opponent would have less then 500 left, but this way he had 1000 left which could have been enough to bring him back to life.
  • Vampiir142


    Realy low quality video