Influencing the red line

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Uri Peleg is going to explain how our decisions influence our red line and how to play with a negative red line in the best way he can - by taking it to the tables and reviewing specific hands while pausing the action.


HM2 mid stakes non showdown winnings NoteCaddy redline theory to practice

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your comments and questions below!
  • crameLBON


    redline schmedline
  • Katrisone


    Great video, hope that u will make some another about redline:). One question about last hand (Q9s): what do you think about calling the F + shoving the T? (more dead money + he cant rebluff us = best for redline(?))). It seems to me little bit spewy, but I think it could still works against some barrel-happy villains. Thx for your answer.
  • sirrybob


    Katrisone: Yeah I think that would be the best line vs a barrel happy villain. Generally with draw vs barrel happy villain in 3bet pot, call flop shove turn is probably the best line.
  • Fiskantes


    Dat wallpaper :-D
  • Veini


    very nice video, thanks for an eye opener expecially in the q4o c/R flop hand!
  • Vladimir


    Hey Uri, here is some feedback from the Diamond member of the Russian Community Vizioner. Hope you'll find time to read and reply it. :)

    "This video format, to my taste, is the best of invented by far. Turns out it gives complete explanations, in contrast to a conventional live session; as well as theoretical considerations are promptly diluted with some practice, adding another round of the game and not allowing to get bored.

    Loved your repeated clarification that an action may raise the red line, but whether it has more EV than a standard action - you don't know. Such clarifications emphasize that you don't flood us with information and really try to make sure that it reaches the audience in the RIGHT way, not misleading anybody.

    I've got a question about the graph at the beginning of the video: Judging by the amount won and the number of blinds won, you had played those hands at NL100 - why not NL200?

    Another question about the extended popup: Do you think that increasing the number of specific stats really gives any advantage over standard stats? After all, what happens is: stats which in the old popup were combined into a single stat, now are split up in the new version; therefore sample sizes of each new stat decreased and their representativity reduced, so now they are harder to use against most opponents (especially without mining,). Moreover, opponents play specific situations based on how they perceive opponents of their own, and because of this such specific stats can generally display incorrect information in relation to particular opponent's war "vs. Hero".

    In general, I liked your video very much (besides saw one of your other videos, also added to favourites). As for the webcam: in my opinion, you have a specific and at the same time photogenic appearance :) I got positive emotions not only from the video itself but also from seeing your face :) So I'd like to see you in all your other videos :) Who knows, maybe we'll meet in person on some trip around the world :)
  • Vladimir


    And one more thing:
    I've just watched one of your April videos in which you analyze your downswing at NL500-1000. Here is the original:
    And there, at 31:00, you said that you could record a video with the analysis of playing our range when a flush completes on the river. This point is very interesting, I'd like know your vision of such situations, how to split a river range into a range of C-bet out of position + checking range and keep it balanced."
  • sirrybob


    I'm glad you liked the video format! Comments like this definitely motivate to make more like it!
    About the graph - The hands are a mix over a lot of stakes between 100nl and 5knl. I'm not sure why you would say they are mostly at 100nl.
    As for making the stats more specific: I agree this is useful only if you have large samples on people.
    Would be cool for sure to meet some people while randomly traveling :) I will try to include the webcam in the future, glad you enjoyed it.
    As for your last question - please message me privately with more details and we can talk about it there.

    Thanks for the comments!
  • LorD231984


    Thanks for the video.

    Would you mind sharing your popup configurations? Seems really awesome. Thanks!
  • itaba


    why diamond? :(