Nutrition and Poker - Wake up and be Productive

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In the next part of his nutrition in poker series Schnitzelfisch will talk about what happens to your body overnight and what to eat in the morning in order to ensure that you have a productive day.


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  • AlvisR


    Schnitzelfisch we need carbs in morning to transport protein to body cells (yes from carbs body makes glikogen which is the best support for body to use effectively protein. If there will be no carbs, body will release energy from protein to use for carbs jobs and in this case you will have less protein left for your body)

    Glucose 40grams (grape sugar in UK - boots pharmacy)
    :: The fastest carbs to fill up your liver glikogen levels which were emptied in night.
    Whey protein yes! :)

    Shake those 2 together, add 100grams oats add a bit of cinnamon for taste and water. Eat with spoon (i prefer spoon instead of drinking)

    onto next meal start eating normal
    boiled eggs!
    bread (forget white bread unless you are ectomorph)
    meat (body gets protein from meat in 2 hours only)

    Fish oil every day 3-5capsules! (if you eat salmon in any day, you can skip fish oil capsules) :)
  • LX4DR


    i get good 2-3h grind in the early morning (7am) without eating at all..
  • Witz17


    As you said, if you don't get carbs, your body will use proteins for energy. So just replace the needed amount of carbs by additional proteins.
    I made the experiences that carbs always cuz me some trouble.. the more the more..

    Then you probably eat too much in the afternoon, evening the day before. Your sleep suffers from this.
    But as I said.. just probably.. I also often make the same experience, although I stopped eating at 6 pm the day before.

    Thx for antoher gread video :)
  • Witz17


    ... always cause me ...
  • pokerQ4


    But i readed on net , the protein shake is only for people make gym? its true?
  • Witz17


    not really.. all people need proteins and you can decide in which form you take it.

    Proteinshake are just a very simple and effective way to get your proteins.

    But as Schnitzelfisch said, there are also other sources for proteins like fish, lean meat, cheese or eggs.

    And if you are some bodybuilder you obviously need much more proteins, but it's still up to you if you eat much chicken or drink proteinshakes.. both give you your proteins
  • djuqpl


  • s0cru3l


    great vid as always but sound is a bit lower quality
  • timl79111


    sounds good ... appreciate it
  • crazymullet


    As already mentioned by AlvisR I would use fast absorbable carbs (glucose) in combination with whey protein. The carbs trigger the increase of insuline in your body and your cells can absorb the energy faster. Using protein alone as an energy source would be a waste of money. Just leave out the oatmeal or bread if they cause trouble.