The Art of Hero Calling

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Collin starts off with a Powerpoint video outlining the most important factors for making profitable hero calls, the most common hero-calling situations, and identifying unbalanced ranges. He then looks at a number of sample hero calls from his own games and provides the full thought process behind the calls.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions in the comments below!
  • s0cru3l


    10:50 a little slip of a tongue...25% bluffing is enough to BE

    great vid anyway, thx collin! :)
  • thetrader789


    Wonderful vid.... I see you put a lot of effort in it...just a point you count 65 busted draw ..on equilab if you discard the Qh and the 8h I find 61 combos who give a flush...ok that will not change the main way of thinking ;)
    but if you do the math we have 1326 combos and 367 combos made a hands. Meaning that 27.67% of hands hit the board. So you are quiety everytime right when we flip a 2/1 ratio (I prefer to say 33% ) .
    Thank you again for all the thing you bring to me. Have a nice week end.
  • palacz21


  • CollinMoshman


    #2 s0cru3l: Thanks! And sorry if I misspoke, too much bluffing/calling frequencies going around in my mind I guess :)

    #3 Thetrader789: Thanks very much for the nice words, very glad you enjoyed the vid! I excluded some of the possible flush draw combos as not being in his range, but your count could definitely be more accurate, a lot of it is art instead of science :)
  • dNo84


    3 simple rules:

    1. bluff
    2. bluff
    3. all in
  • TomasAbr


    great video
  • ghaleon


    10:00 77: Versus decent player I actually think we are behind too often in river. But versus fishy player call is good. Decent player would most likely bet flop with lot of possible draw hands.

    Villain flop and turn lines are ok, but no point to turn AKs into bluff.

    15:30 AKs: Somewhat questionable whatever you want to cbet flop or not.

    24:45 Axo: To me that is again ok checkback spot. I dont see that much fold equity with cbet on this flop versus this sort of player.
  • kellyconroy


    Hey cool video, thanks for the insight.
    In a nutshell any old "donk" can hit lucky lol