Postflop play with a short stack in a 180 man MTSnG

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $75
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Collin breaks down a $60 180man win, discussing exploitative ranges as well as bubble and ICM adjustments. A major theme is short-stacked postflop play, and Collin analyzes the optimal line in a number of low-SPR situations.


180man bublble exploit ICM MTSNG multi play postflop Ranges short sit and go SPR stack table

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions for Collin in the comments section below!
  • DrPepper


    30:43 Why don't you chec back the Q4o two pair as you did earlier with your KTs? To me this seems like a very similar spot. Sure, the Q45 is a tiny bit more drawy than the K44 but you nail that board pretty hard with your two pair. I would definitely try to let him hit something on a turn. There are only very few rather unlikely straight drwas that he can have. I think your letting a lot of EV slip here against that type of player. Especially if you remember that he just shoved the turn after you checked behind last time.

    32:03 Your plan is to c/f that board? That seems pretty nitty to me. You have two overs and a gutshot. I don't think you can fold that. I definitely prefer c/r/f or c/c and evaluate turn to folding.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 DrPepper:

    Q4: Checking back would be fine, but there are reasons to cbet here relative to the KT hand: Flop connects a bit more with his defense range; slightly higher effective stack we're looking to get in post; more hands worse than ours in his range that would pay off three streets post.

    Q9o: Yes I'm definitely c/f'ing there unless he bets really small. He's been playing a very weak/passive game, he's not gonna be auto-cbetting ... I'd much rather just open every button and chip away at him steadily instead of getting involved in a large pot OOP in a marginal spot.

    Thanks for the questions/comments.
  • notgoingpro


    nice video :D learned alot
  • swetlana26


    very good vid
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 Notgoingpro: Glad you enjoyed :)

    #5 Swetlana26: Thanks.
  • souza22


    Nice video Cgtz
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 Souza22: Thanks
  • Mintplay


    very good vid again! Big Fan from the first second.
    1Q: Do you think that playin 35 or 60 dollar 180s, have for a winning 3,5 rebuy and 15 dollar 180s man reg more value because of more bad players they like the Bigger price pool? Or are they just reg filled, with some better regs and pros? Or do you know or recognized that many mtt pro's put them in their grind? I mean when i am grinding 180s in between 2,5 to 15 occasionaly, how many shots i should take? Or do you think we should play them as long our bankroll it allows as many we can? How big is the edge? ;)