Pleno1 clashes with Phil Ivey - SCOOP High Main Event Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $10000
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Pleno1 is back with his first ever MTT video and it's a very special one! Playing the $10300 SCOOP main event at Pokerstars, it becomes particulary interesting as he takes on some huge names including Faraz Jaka, Philipp Gruissem, Dominik Panka, Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom and Phil Ivey.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your impressions and questions in the comments below!
  • Moneyspender1991


    Артем переведи пожалуйста, будь человеком )))).
  • darkonebg


    Don't worry, it will be translated into Russian as well.

    Не беспокойтесь, будет на русском тоже. :)
  • Moneyspender1991


    Отлично, спасибо).
  • Falco35


    15:59 AA

    Would you ezily call if he bets big on the river?
  • Falco35


    There is a lot of background noise in the video.
  • pleno1


    Hm yeh that's weird I noticed that when I watched it back now but when I researched initially it was fine. Used a new program that actually works really well too
  • Falco35


    22:02 88,

    What you say about his range - then why you didnt just call his raise or even play x/c, x/c on most Cards?
  • pleno1


    Regarding the hand. Yes I would call, although it's unfortunate I have the As blocker in my hand that he could bluff with he can still have hands like axks or other hands with a blocker or ofc if he's really this wide pre flop then he may just try to represent. I think folding would be pretty bad. I think he should bet the river, vs his sizings I'm folding most flush draws ott unless it's like tp/fd and as you can see the jack on the flop is a spade so I need 3xss to continue so basically I have 1 combo he should be scared of and a lot more he can be confident betting for value against such as sets and indeed over pairs although granted I don't think he will expect me to flat AA pre.
  • pleno1


    That was regarding to the aa river call on jxxxxssxxs at 15:59
  • Falco35


    Because you dont wanna let him realize his equity?
  • Falco35


    :) Sry, next time I will formulate my questions in one post, that we do not cut across my questions and your answer.
  • pleno1


    22:08 I should be putting a lot f pressure on his range and have a wide bet turn/call river range and a wide bet turn bet river range. He as I explained in the video never should have me beat I think on the turn I have a clear value bet vs his range (I expect him to check back askx) more often than Adkh in this spot) when he raises I feel like he's Phil fucking Ivey and will bet a lot of rivers and I'll level myself. as explained in the video I'm almost sure I have the best hand here and think representing a strong line and taking down the pot now will work a lot of the time. If I play passively to his range he can over bet rivers and just bet normal on ALOT of rivers and it will be difficult for me to continue. Other considerations such as not allowing him to outplay me in the future are also important. Ivey has one of the highest raise flop %s out of any reg he balances it really well bit of he sees me 3bet flops/turns he will readjust passively which is great for me I also don't especially want him to know what I peeled his 3bet with either. Hope this explains enough but just ask if you're unsure.
  • Becks777


    Soundquality is really poor. Background noices are far to loud. Please try to fix this.
  • Falco35



    Whats your plan if he calls your Raise on different RiverCards?

    Which cards would you bet, x/c, x/f or even x/r?
  • pleno1


    Which minute? :)
  • Falco35


    88 vs Ivey Ive meant. OMG - better Im not watching Pokervids during work! ;D
  • bencb


    The sound is really annoying :(
  • StanleyCoF


  • geoelt


    jup +1 unfortunatly really annoying sound...
  • darkonebg


    Hey guys,

    We tried a lot of things to clean up the sound and isolate noise by adding different noise removal profiles, however at one point further tweaking just deteriorates it.
    Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the video!
  • Jarzab86


    Why diamond? :(
  • Wombat


    Great video ! Looking forward for more ! :)
  • VinnyCout


    great, waiting next. ;)
  • MTV100


    you all hand have a three of a kind because easy your game )))))
  • Duziks


    give us some cash game action
  • boriz23


    Why are you wining about sound quality?? Its not so good, but you can hear and see everything, and should be greatful for video! And yes, great video, hope to see more! ;)
  • eeeeeeeeee25


    вы задрали переводите гребаные воды и так нехер смотреть то тренировка то хрень.... то на английском
  • st8toa


    thanks for this really nice video, waiting for the next part!!
    at 59.00 56s 3-bet against Ivey, how about checking back flop, if he has so big raise flop %?? it would be pretty awkward spot if he´d raise it bigger.
  • nguyenvanduc


  • hellcimr


    good video