Kill´em by the numbers - analyzing the 3/4/5-bet-game BTN vs. SB

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CardrunnersEV is likely the most complex and most powerful tool for analyzing complete game scenarios available. We can solve almost any given question with it´s help, only limitation is the time and effort we are prepared to invest. This time Tackleberry will be answering more complex questions with it's help, both pre and postflop.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this podcast!
  • SneakyhanD


    Nice 4 minutes preview for those below Platinum ^_^

    Not that I have any clue or in GTO playing nl5nl10 :D
  • manic0712


    hm :/ first 4 minutes. i am looking for more silence
  • darkonebg


    It's a 100 minute long video guys, and you are not going to learn a lot from it if you haven't already watched the previous parts anyway :)
  • Tackleberry


    Hey Guys, next coaching on Tuesday, if you´re interested in contributing some ideas for a detailed analysis, let me know: