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Collin reviews marked hands of interesting spots from his own games and quizzes you on ranges and optimal lines. Themes includes ICM-intensive situations against regs, facing overbet shoves, and heads-up postflop lines. Don't forget to pause the video whenever indicated and think about the answers!


Call ICM interactive push or fold quiz range regs regular

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the video and let us know of your score!
  • hedisaces


    Hi Collin, nice video - I like your thinking process in HU against regs. Your small inducing bets are awesome. I learned a lot!
    I think the last spot is call. His range is most likely draws and overcards. Even if he has sets of 7 and 5s - you need 37% to call. And with T8o you have it - so its call in my opinion.
  • JustgAMblin


    I gave villain a range of all possible flush draws:
    suited broadways in heart, Ahxh and 8h9h and Jh9h

    sets and made hands:
    5s and 7s, all xT (x=9+) hands,

    and some random hands like:
    A7o, a few AJo and AQo combos, a few 22-44 combos he could spazz for no reason.

    Against this range we have 43.5 % equity and we need 37% plus risk premium.
    I havent calulated the risk premium yet, but i dont think, that we can call this off.

    BUT, if we take out all of his spazzy hands and sets and weight his range to mostly beeing flushdraws and made hands like TJ+, then our equity drops dramaticly to 29% vs his range.

    And there isnt even the risk premium calculated in.

    All in all, i think on average most opponents arent nearly wide enough to make a profitable call. Maybe it is slightly proitable vs some sick maniac players, but in general it would be burning money.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Hedisaces: Thanks! Glad you like the small inducing bets too :) Nice comments on the last hand, I'm travelling now but will say more about this one when I get back.

    #3 Justgamblin: Thanks for the solid analysis. I definitely agree that if his range is mostly combo draws and better made hands, we have to fold here. I do tend to put him on a slightly wider range, I'll break down the equity we need and the equity I think we have vs his range in a few days.
  • DrPepper


    Cool video. Because I'm in it!!! The hand where you raise/fold 66 against my BB push (5:00) seems a little weird to me, because I don't see the point in even raising the hand then. You want to raise blockers or hands that can call a shove. So why did you even raise the hand if your plan was to fold against a shove?

    Btw, I don't think you can call lambonali a reg. Sure, he plays regularly but he is nothing but a huge fish. I've seen him raise/calling A6s on the bubble as a bigstack against a bigstack push for over 20 big blinds. He is nothing but crazy or tilts every second session. Basicly every session I have him at the tables I make a note over some extremely bad play he makes.
  • JustgAMblin


    @ Dr Pepper:

    He said in the video, that it was a mistake. Sometimes you just dont "feel" like calling.

    But maybe he thought ingame, that it was a good fold vs you or openraised without realising, that he might r/f the hand anyway.

    And 5% 3bet overall on your part is pretty low imo, isnt it?
  • DrPepper


    Yep, I don't 3bet much, especially ip. It's part of my style I guess but that doesn't mean that I don't know nash re-shoving ranges.
  • ghaleon


    20:40 JTs: Regs tend to often shove more than they should in HU, but being 20bb deep I think there are very few regs just playing shove based game with top 40%. Could be possible assumption with reads, but versus decent regs I would assume villain has 3bet small range, flatting range and shoving range. Usually shove range does not include most premium hands, if villain does have small 3bet range as he wants to balance more trashy hands in 3betting range. Ones that are not profitable as flatting. Also quite few hands in that top 40% more likely belong into flatting range.

    Of course if you are open raising like 70+% he can shove profitably very wide.
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 DrPepper: Yup, thought you'd enjoy that! As for the 66 hand, I definitely agree that it's a mistake there, both because there's usually no reason to put hands without blockers into r/f range, and also because it was profitable vs what I assume your 3bet shove range was. So no argument here :)

    I do somewhat disagree on Lambonali though, and that's something that I talk about in an upcoming video that features a lot of SH and HU play vs him. He spews it off a lot. But he has solid Sharkscope stats and does a lot well too. I elaborate on this a lot in the upcoming vid.

    Thanks for your comments!
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 JustGamblin: Yes for sure, it was a mistake and I did say that in the video. I really like going through the bad plays I've made too because I think it's the best way to improve for the future. Re DrPepper's 3bet %, keep in mind that that's an overall 3bet % which is heavily swayed by a lot of factors like how often you've played SH/HU vs that person. I don't want to go into how he plays too much here, but I can promise it's a very solid style :)

    Thanks for the comments.

    #8 Ghaleon: Interesting comment. The Nash shoving range is of course usually about top 50%, and I agree that most players in practice shove fewer hands because of flatting and smaller 3bets. So even though I am opening over 70%, it's still definitely a close spot. Nice post.