Stacking turbos live with Collin

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In this live video Collin is going to show us his grinding skills by stacking around 10 tables of Turbo SnG's, including knockouts.


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  • pertla125


    Hi Collin Moshman,

    I have a couple of qs regarding the spots in the video and couple related to the SNGs in general...

    1:23 QTo like the lead on the turn for the exact reasons u mentioned.We expect from a random LP player to get called w Kx,flush draws,some but not that many 2 pair combos and sometimes w even worse..But when it comes to a river decision I like betting there sth like300 to 375 as an actual all-in may be too strong of a move and scare off even these plrs and since these recreationals are likely not aware of betsizings and SPR we are actually losing a bit of value there in the long run as when we make a slight overshove we r only 100% sure to get called there by Kx and when we make a bet like I mentioned before we r likely getting called with much worse imo...

    1:36 KQo it is a clear shove over limp,but I found the concept of making shoves over limps pretty hard to master.I think that these kind of spots r one of the most counterintuitive ones in SNGs as a lot of even good plrs are either shoving too tight or too wide in that spot(sadly I discovered by doing some manual calculations that I am on a wider side).It would be very good if u would like to make some seperate video about this or discuss more about shoves over limps in your next coachings.Also is CardrunnersEV good for calculating those spots?

    4:46 AA its a mandatory 3bet and not 3bet shove w AA against loose fish..but here is what I think when it comes to regs...
    I think that when it comes to hands from bottom of our 3bet shoving ranges in these kind of spots that it would a better idea to make what I call the 3bet non-all all in as it will create tremendeous amt. of FE and even much more than a notoriously proposed just standard nonall in all in and that way we could make ourself room for even like-0.10 or -0.15 mEV hands cuz in this day and age it will look suspicious when someone just makes a non all in all in but 3bet non all in all in can always look strong in this age gameflow

    And btw sick beat there...but as TV says thats why we play :)

    14:38 I like that line there but from BBs perspective and the specific dynamics is that type of flop(2 Q 4) good for floating with the whole range there and barreling any turn when SB shuts down?I think it is:)

    19:51 LOL always a good thing in the long run when an actual fish idiot calls u a fish idiot

    20:23 I think it is a good fold w J9s on the BB # handed but against a reg its a pretty easy call...imo when it comes to jacks it is J9s+,JTo

    Now some general stuff...
    I know that u play SNGs 9man and occasionally 6man up to $100 to $200 buy in.. What is in your opinion that major edge those plrs have over $60 or $30 plrs does it actually come down to like80% metagame and leveling or r they actually better at concrete technical stuff like constructing better ranges in each spot,knowing Nash more therally ,having better timing etc....

    The last question is do u know is there any other way to buy HR calculator or ICMIZER than to have Fastprising as a purchasing possesor company?The problem is that I have some kind of restrictions on they all 3 credit cards I have and they may be country based(as I am from Serbia).The thing is I can buy any other products or softwares that arent connect w Fastprising.
    Also do u know by chance what type of ICM related software does our 6 max Expert Iliev77 use as I found out that he is also from Serbia:) and I would like very much if u could tell me how may I contact him or u could even invite him to some coachings in the future...

    I truly hope that u understood all me questions and that I will get your decent and deliberate answer on each statement/question above...

    Great video as always and all the best to u and Katie!!!
  • contadocenas


    1.11 - Standard open fold AJo on MP1?
  • kliklaklawitter


    awesome spewoff @ min 30 I laughed so hard
    what about calling off one bet with the KQ at min 33, getting 5:1 with
    a ten out draw?
    thanks for making that content, always nice to see!
  • evolv87


    Hi Collin, another amazing video as per usual. I learned a few things that I will be directly applying to my game.

    As #1 said, I would also like to see a video on ISO raising from late position.
    Let's say a weak/passive player limps from an early position. Some situations could be:
    -The BTN overcalling and having to play the flop OOP
    -The BTN overcalls and a player in the blinds makes a squeeze play
    -Getting 3bet from the blinds (w/out BTN overcall)
    -The original limper shoving all-in over your ISO raise
    -The original limper calls your raise then donk-bets the flop
    -ISO raising or raising for value vs. multiple limpers

    These are common spots at the micro/low stakes so I would love to see how you handle these situations. Your explanations are really easy to understand and then apply to gameplay. Thanks!!
  • Stavrovskiy


    Hi, 32:16 A6o on the BB. BU 1.4k 32\25 minraises, why fold? Thnx.
  • piszczek


    Hi, 11:08 Q2o what is your pushing range here and what is your range in 180 man turbo in this situation ?
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Pertla125:

    Thanks for the feedback and nice words. Let me answer your questions:

    1:23 QTo: Nice comments, I agree with you.

    1:36: I'll do my best to discuss this topic more in some future vids, I would suggest using HRC calculator for a quantitative analysis, it can handle limps and give you a good answer for profitable shoving range.

    4:46: Non-allin 3bet shove can be very effective, definitely agree.

    19:51: Yup, always enjoyable :)

    20:23: I wouldn't call there against most players, including regs. I put it into Nash and got -0.07. So it's close but usually for me that would be a fold and I would call down to JTs.

    General: I don't currently play $100+ STT, but the better midstakes players are very good with ICM/Nash, but also have a strong understanding of exploitive play, they're strong postflop, and are capable of some strong/unusual lines. I'm not sure about Fastspring, I would contact their support. I'm happy to chat more about any of these topics on one of the coachings, and would be great to get Iliev back on a coaching, I'll definitely ask him.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Contadocenas: Folding AJo in MP1 would be a tight fold, normally I'd open there.

    #3 kliklaklawitter: That was a fun moment :) You're right, even though we only have 3 full outs, it would still definitely be a reasonable call when he sizes that small, nice point. Glad you enjoyed the vid!

    #4 Evolv87: Thanks for the nice words and feedback! Besides trying to incorporate something like this in my vids, if you come to one of my Weds coachings, I'm happy to discuss any of these topics there.
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Stavrovskiy: Usually at 8bb or shallower I mainly play against opens like I would shoves, and that would be breakeven or slightly minus in Nash I think. Because of his loose stats though, I agree that it would be a fine 3bet shove versus his range.

    #6 piszczek: Good question, I'd say about top two-thirds in both formats.
  • pertla125


    Hey Collin,
    Thanks for your answers.....
    I have one weird appeal for you.I know that this is pretty akward and that we do not know each other personally and therefore there will be a lower level of trust but here it goes....
    I have contacted the ICMIZER support and they said that it is possible that Fastspring is ocassionaly making unreasonable country related restrictions(like in my case),but they also said that it is possible for any other of your friend/acquaitance to order it for u and then just give the license key as this license is easily transferable and does not bind anyone to purchase.
    The thing is that I do not have that many poker acquaitances as not that many people play poker in Serbia,and the one's that do and that I know r pretty much scums and I do not necesarilly thrust them,and the one s I do thrust do not have any credit cards at all.
    What I really wanted to ask you is if you want me to send you $100 to your account and that you,in the return download and buy the ICMIZER for 1 year sub which costs $79.99(think of the $ diff. as a thanks for making me a big favour) and send me the license key you got via mail to my e-mail or we can do it via Skype.Once again if you r interested in helping me know that you will not be tricked by any means as you wouldnt have to do anything before I actually send you the money.
    Once again I would like you to answer me either way if you r interested in this or not.If u are tell me how do u actually want to do it and when.Again,I aplogize and I know it is very random but I want to have that software and I always strive and care about improving my game
    All the best!
  • knedel89


    good session thanks
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Pertla125: Sure, PM me your Skype ID

    #11 Knedel89: Thanks, glad you enjoyed.
  • pertla125


    Collin,thanks I am really glad that u want to do this for me
    The things is that I have some problems with my skype account but here is my e-mail adress
    You can contact me whenever you want and we can then make a detailed agreement when should we do it....
    Looking fwd to ur reply....
  • lancer555


    Great vid, as always. Was hoping for it when saw U playing my tables))) Hope 2 C more on knockouts

    23-08 TT cc vs UTG 3bb open What your calling range here would be and what if he'd opened like 2.2bb-2.5bb?

    Thanks a lot
  • Remsey015


    Hi Collin, 16:28 AJo , look like call to me.
    Looking fwd to ur reply....
  • betnliving


    Collin at 34:04 why the shove with 99 ?
  • kimela83


    nek je sa srecom svima
  • Apenshin


    Nice video, keep going on! I wait for the next episode!