Collin's approach to navigating the 180s

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Collin replays a $15 180man in PT4 to give a stats-based analysis. He covers overall strategy, specific ranges for all phases of the game, and final table play.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your comments for Collin below!
  • Barbarendave


    Hi Collin!
    Great stuff as always! I just got one question about terminology (sorry for being so finical): A couple of years ago and also according to the glossary, a Flat Call is a call with a very strong hand, i.e. a slow play. Nowadays I sometimes hear it as a synonym for a regular call, so the meaning got kind of blurred. For example you mention that your opponent "flats" your 3-bet when you are holding Kings, which is just possible if you are 100% sure he got Aces.
    What are your thought on that terminoloy thing? Did the use change over the years, am I wrong or is it used differently in English (I am not a native speaker).

    Very nice video anyway, thank you so much!

  • Wohmfg


    At 27:10, BB's VPIP is 10 and his PFR is 11. Isn't the PFR supposed to be smaller than the VPIP?
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Barbarendave: Thanks! I've always used flat-call as a synonym with call, except that it means versus a single raise (instead of for example, limp or cold call). I thought that was standard but could be wrong, I'll have to check into this :) Very glad you enjoyed the video.

    #3 Wohmfg: Good question. Occasionally PT4 does display a PFR slightly greater than the VPIP. I believe the reason is because it's possible to have an opportunity to VPIP but not an opportunity to PFR when facing prior action.
  • EirikIndahl


    Hi Collin! Love your videos.

    1. How big do you think our bankroll should be for these kinds of tounaments? The swings seems pretty horrendous sometimes. I thought 200 buy ins was enough, but maybe I should go even bigger?

    2. How much value do you see in these games? And in witch of the 3,50r, 8, and 15 is the player pool weakest as you see it?
  • VSBGimli


    07:05 i think we are better 3betting small letting the reg maybe level himself in some cases or just make a fold, which is not disaster BUT let the fish play with us.
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 EirikIndahl: Thanks! I recommend a 300 buyin bankroll to cover the swings of 180mans. There's definitely less value in them recently, and many more regs, but they're still decent games with a definite edge to be had. I believe that $3.50s are softest, than $8s, than $15s. But I don't play many at $3.50R and $8 so if others want to chime in on this, please feel free.

    #6 VSBGimli: Given that the flatter is a recreational player, I agree that 3betting small is a good option. Thanks for your comment.
  • toshistk1


    good explanations
  • mmorron


    good job! great vid. ty.