NL Bootcamp Graduation - Live Zoom Session

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In the final part of the No Limit Bootcamp w34z3l will put the theory into practice and take the gameplan concepts to the test.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions for w34z3l in the comments below!
  • Arboraeer


    at 8:40 why do you think that we dont have 3 streets of value here? Villain usually doenst check back his AA, AK and 99 here and so we can give him the opportunity to call down with a lower Ax.
    Maybe we can bet the River for Thin Value too? depending on the runout ofc.
  • Arboraeer


    15:30 I like the Idea to check/call donkt turn here. Which Range would you play like this? I think every Ax is nice?
  • ConteCaly


    a very beautiful video... ty
    in the hand where villain flat ur 3bet and calldown, what can u represent 4 make him a fold? with 2 barell he really fold his hand? and... on a river blank what u can do? because at Flop u're betting for value with u're 6 outs, later what's the +ev line choice? because the usually flatting range of villain is 88-JJ and some Suited connecting card or broadway... then even if KQ is bloker 4 u (almost 30combo less), vs his calling range(88-JJ,ATs+,some combo of QJs, JTs,AQo,KQo and some similar at T9s) are at mor or less in a flip (villain 56% u 44%).
    sorry 4 the stupid question but i'm a beginner and i've watched almost all u're video.
    -ps- sorry 4 the english but i'm italian
  • lena1672


    А по русски никто не пишет?