Postflop with low-mid SPR at a $109 Turbo MTT

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
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Collin reviews a $109 turbo MTT win from a strong MTT reg discussing unconventional play and short-to-mid SPR postflop lines.


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Comments (3)

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  • rmotoki


    Nice win Pitcher, and great video as usual Collin!
  • ghaleon


    2:00 AKo: Definitely overplay by hero even versus unknown villain. Versus decent opponent you can actually get hand like slowplayed AA to fold turn as it makes little sense to take this sort of line with worse.

    7:20 TJo: I somewhat disagree in turn sizing plan. I would take different approach and ask if this villain is drawing (as he likely is with us having blockers to made hands) what sort of sizing gives me max value from his range? I would say more optimal sizing would be around 800-900. Assuming villain is unknown or fishy. They like to call with draws against required odds and if he miss river we wont get value from his draws most of time.

    15:40 KQo: One minus side of 3bet is also possibility of 4bet. Without history its not much of concern imo, but if there is some history its possible villain could choose to shove quite a few hands we possibly dominate or have very good equity against. Like some Kxs or low to medium pocket. So if there is aggro history I would go with flatting. There is also space for villain to go for clickback 4bet and it ends in nasty spot.

    25:33 AJo: I dont see much of point in cbet without plan to double barrel. No better hand is going to fold to cbet alone. Most of time. If he has AK or better made hand its usually calling. Also not that many worse hand is calling. So to me this is either checkback flop or barrel twice. I would not see reason to triple barrel and would probably just check river if A comes.

    But I think I would still check this more preferably than go for double barrel. It has enough showdown value.

    32:00 KTo: I think flatting versus minraise would be another ok option. Though I am not familiar with mtt ICM side.
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Rmotoki: Thanks!

    #2 Ghaleon:

    AKo: Definitely agree.

    JTo: Good points, I agree on slightly larger sizing there.

    KQo: Yes, the main benefits of flatting are definitely that we keep hands we dominate in his range, and don't risk a 4bet.

    AJo: I still like to cbet in some spots where worse hands are generally folding, and better hands calling, for the purpose of folding out hands that have 25-30% equity, getting to barrel turn or take the free showdown, etc.

    KTo: Both options will for sure be profitable relative to folding, for me under 20bb, I normally prefer 3bet shove in these spots.

    Thanks for your comments on these hands.