SnG Quiz: to Cbet or not to Cbet

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Time for another interactive video quiz! This time Collin replays hands where he had the opportunity to cbet. He asks us whether it’s correct to cbet or check, provides his answer, and then plays out the rest of the hand discussing the optimal turn/river line.


as PFA Contibet preflop aggressor PT4 quiz with initiative

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  • mst77


    Kidman4uk, че у тебя было?) сет?
  • JustgAMblin


    I really liked that QQ fold on that Jh9h8x flop. Ingame i tend to call checkraises too much with overcards in the early stages.

    My thoughts on the last hand:

    I think vs this opponent we should check back on that flop. He seems to be passive and on that flop i dont see him folding very often. On a non heart turn i would make a delayed c-bet to give us the opportunity to check back the river and get some value out of draws.

    If we bet flop he is obv calling worse hands, but most of his hands have decent equity vs our pair. So i would prefer a delayed c-bet over a flop c-bet.
    If we check back flop and he bets the turn i would just fold my rag pair and look for better spots.

    There isnt much value in this hand anyways, so i prefer to take a nitty line to avoid mistakes in a tricky spot like this.

    If i would have seen more postflop hands of villain, i would maybe change my opinion on that.

    I´m really interested in your line in that hand Collin. :)

    Good video.
  • martinez92pl


  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Mst77: Wish I understood :)

    #3 Martinez92pl: Thanks

    #2 JustgAMblin: It's definitely a close decision, but I would usually cbet here. He's flatting a very wide range pre, and will probably c/c almost any naked heart or ten. If he does c/r we can easily fold, and then we also often gain the flexibility of firing or checking back turn. With that said, checking back and making a delayed cbet on most non-heart turns is a solid alternative.

    Nice comments and glad you enjoyed the vid :)
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    I prefer always agresive play.
  • Stonen555


    In the final hand, we check for the flop, and if you do not turn out letterhead map and the opponent checks, then we put a little more than half the can and look at the actions of the opponent, if we get a check-raise, you give up if he calls us, we look the turn card and if there no J or 6 (mine) gives us the 2nd pair, then surrender to bet (unless of course the bet size will not equal the 1st blind or so).

    P.S. J or 6 must not be Chervova suit)))