Uri Peleg reviews VytenisN on NL200 Zoom

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Join the Uri Peleg Laboratory with his regular user session reviews! This time he has a midstakes video from a Lithuanian user on NL200 Zopm.


HM2 mid stakes podcast PokerStars Rush User Session Review Zoom

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this podcast!
  • GingerKid


    Hi, nice and funny video as allways! min 7:00 Hand AA on KsJsX 2nd table, would it be ok to river value bet 33%-50% pot size because most of the time we have the best hand? Sure villian can bluff raise us with AsJ but he cant do it too often. Also as you said there are only few fd on flop, and villian might raise some of them on flop or turn, which makes his river range even weaker.
  • GingerKid


    When you face a 3bete from SB and you are BU, why do we want to 4bet bigger? Is it because SB has usually linear range and will flat 4bet much more often than in other positions where it is 5bet/fold mostly?
  • GingerKid


    min 11:55, table1 K6o why did you say cbet is good vs fishy guy? Board is JcJdTd, which means there are plenty of draws and fish is not famous for folding? K6o doesnt have any playability ... I guess we should have a solid read that villian folds way too much on flop.
  • GingerKid


    Regardin 3bet 77 vs fish. I agree it is better to play for bigger pot vs fish, and that 77 has equity advantage, but I am not convinced that Ev of 3bet > EV of call. 77 is quite unplayable, it is underpair on most of flops, which means we either c/f or c/c. If we c/c we have very marginal bluff catcher, and villian has with most bluffs 2 overcards (> 28% equity) and can IP realize his equity. So we can only 3 barrel when we hit strong hand otherwise we have bad bluff catcher. Fish also makes mistakes in 2 bet pots, and when we hit set we can still win stack vs his SD hands.
  • luca02


    I really like your video's, but it's a shame that you have to fill a lot of time answering standard questions. Like all the questions about 77 and some people even suggesting to fold 77 from te BB. Why are people able to get in this coaching when they are playing nl5?
  • sirrybob


    GingerKid: the time to ask the questions is during the coaching!
    #2 is an equilab question, I think you can see for yourself.
    #3 yes, exactly as you said
    #4 fish fit or fold flops a bit too much in general, so against an unknown fishy looking guy i would assume he's slightly overfolding most flops - I think this is also one of them, but even if cbet is a mistake it's going to be a very small one.
    #5 you are giving a lot of heuristical reasoning. I can't convince you otherwise... but let's just say the way you described playing postflop you are both missing out on a lot of strategic options for yourself, and ignoring parts of the game tree that come up quite often vs fish (flop goes check check)
    #6 Thanks :-) I can't really answer your question, those things aren't up to me, nor do I mind - but if it bothers you you should message one of the higher ups at the site who determine the content.