How to be the best in 18 man Turbos - Member Rouvenowage review

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When Pokerstrategy member Rouvenownage asks Collin to do a leakfinder, he takes the task seriously! After a full analysis of two 18man turbos, one at $7 and one at $15, Collin answers the question: What are all the adjustments Hero could make to improve his winrate?


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  • dinheiro2


    gostei mas eu nao percebo muito. vou continuar a ver para jogar cada vez melhor.
  • s0cru3l


    KK 3b spot around 21: 30
    I would c-bet, i am afraid we are too face up vs reg when we check
    + imo we will not see c/r too often, Axd is out there and we have Kd so basically no FD semibluffs in his range possible, some QdXx he would c/c, villain might c/r AQ and that might be the only combo
  • s0cru3l


    AK mr spot around 23:00
    The BB is fish so I would be more inclined to raising...let him call wider and ideally stack him post...but i am not sure about the stacksize...the times when i dont hit and villain would be sticky post are not good, esp. facing db on flop when totally missed

    so what do you think is better? exploit the player maximally with mr eventhough stacks are not optimal or save some possible trouble and make clear +EV move?
  • s0cru3l


    nice vid, thx collin :)

    could you make some higher stakes 18m vids, 30s+?
  • toad1


    nice video collin.
  • goceluseski


    nice video
  • RaikoK


    good stuff!
  • CollinMoshman


    #2/#3/#4 S0cru3l: Thanks! I'll try to do some higherstakes 18man soon too.

    21:30 While my default is to check-back here, I definitely agree that we have to be careful having a predictable checkback range against a player capable of hand-reading or we'll be playing pretty face-up.

    23:00 Good point, if BB is a fish, then MR'ing here can definitely be the better line.

    #5 SoerenHP: Thanks appreciate it.

    #6 Goceluseski: Glad you enjoyed.

    #7 RaikoK: Thanks!
  • ghaleon


    Was watching this in mobile first, but had to check couple of hands as I heavily doubted about Collin comments this time.

    21:30 KK: I would check it as well. Cbetting basically turns this hand into bluff. So only real danger in it is that villain turns some smaller pocket into bluff and gets us to fold. But if alternative is to cbet and very rarely get called by worse its not that great. I doubt reg would defend with that much Qx when he gets 3bet after opening UTG. KQs which might make sense is very heavily blocked by our hand.

    If hero has bluff 3bet range with some Ax here then it makes sense to check those as well so its not like we never have Ax. Also checking e.g. AK or AA type of hands might not be bad overall.

    27:20 33: Quite nicely profitable open shove. In FGS (1 hand) it would show +0.3% profit. I widened people calling ranges by few percents and it still does show profit: in lesser degree. Wider calling ranges are reasonable by good players also as hero shoving range is somewhat capped though not necessarily that wide. But getting more clear chip lead has also quite bit of future value. But with those wider ranges it starts to become marginal so open fold is also reasonable imo.

    28:05 AJo: You need to be relatively nitty to not call decent reg CO shove here. If I remember right he is not tightest of regs. FGS calling ranges:

    Hero calling 12.8%, 66+ A7s+ A8o+ KJs+ KQo. AJo being +1.32% Now often this is not this awesome spot (CO shoving 47%), but I will check range for CO that gives us breakeven call with AJo:

    If CO shoves 20.1%, 22+ A2s+ A7o+ KTs+ KJo+ QTs+ QJo then AJo call would show -0.03% Obviously this does not take into account that CO shoving range could be bit capped as with 12bb he has decent option to have some minraise-fold range versus blinds and that opens possibility for polarized minraise range. E.g. minraising some crap Axo, K8o and premium hands like AK+, TT+.

    When SB calls then hand is definitely too weak to continue.

    34:00 22: Dangerous advice to make this default shove versus chip lead reg minraising. It can be decently profitable if villain has wide cap between opening and calling ranges. At this spot hero hand itself might not matter that much to be honest. E.g. if UTG opens 50.8%, 22+ Ax+ K2s+ K5o+ Q2s+ Q6o+ J3s+ J7o+ T4s+ T7o+ 97s+ 87s and calls 5.9%, 88+ AJs+ AQo+. Hero shoving range would be: 83.8%, 22+ Jx+ T2s+ T6o+ T4o 92s+ 95o+ 82s+ 85o+ 73s+ 76o 62s+ 64o+ 52s+ 53o+ 42s+ 43o 32s. 22 being +0.44% But hand like K2s having same value also.

    But if villain has balanced ranges for minraise and shoving then it quickly gets ugly. E.g. lets say UTG reg has minraise range of 17.8%, 99+ AQs+ AKo A3o-A2o T5o T2o 96o-92o 85o-84o 74o-73o 63o 52o. I put him into inducing with AK, AQs, 99+ (which is too wide imo, but could be close to reality). At this point hero shoving range would look like 3.0%, JJ+ AKs AKo only. 22 being -1.66%

    But if table is not soft regs tend to have polarized minraise range (btw in nash UTG can shove close to any2 profitably here). Also as general note blocker suited hands does often much much better in these sort of bubble spots than small or meduim pockets.

    29:08 43o: Obviously hero should not be opening ATC in such spot, but if tactic is to add some of total trash in minraise range with monsters it can be fine. Or if villains are just very nitty then it can be reasonable either way.

    30:25 A7o: Hand is not good enough to shove (too much ICM risk involved) and I am not fan of this small 3bet. There is couple of problems:

    1: You give him space to flat and A7o plays horribly postflop (even hitting top pair can easily give nasty situations).

    2: Your 3bet-calling induce range is tight. Very tight because of ICM ---> VIllain can 4bet shove wide if he expects you have decent amount of air in your range. So move that requires really good reads to be good.

    31:41 KTo: Agree with Collin. If cbetting you should be reluctant to fold versus raise. Villain has very few Ax (even if he had would he shove those most of time?) and this sort of line is more commonly draw than strong made hand. Cbet-fold versus aggro reg is imo worst line to take. Also for villain range its reasonable villain has also 97o, T9o type of hands in his preflop flat range.
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 Ghaleon:

    21:30: Agree

    27:20: Also agree, I prefer folding to minraising, but should have said in the video that openshove > fold. Good point.

    28:05: Interesting, I think most regs are not shoving as wide as top 47%, but you are right that if he's shoving the non-FGS range of about top 1/3 that AJo is the bottom of our calling range, so vs reg we can call if SB folds.

    28:35 (22): His Nash openshove range should be close to ATC here, without a particular read I'd normally assume that a reg minraising here is primarily taking this very wide shove range and MR'ing instead (still openshoving some hands like low PPs), and that there is very wide gap between open and call ranges. You're right though, if he is MRing a range like the one you gave, then it's a fold for sure. You would assume that most regs in this spot are shoving a range like this?

    29:08: Agree

    30:25: Agree.

    31:41: Agree

    Thanks for your questions/comments.
  • ghaleon


    22 hand: Shoving this is rarely as bad as in my example, but just to pointout that if villain does shove most of mediocre strength hands then small/medium pockets are surprisingly often dominated and have smaller fold equity than needed. That's why in some bubble spots hand like Axs or Kxs or QJo could have lot more value by having blocker and more equity versus calling range.

    Definitely something to check from familiar regs game with database analyze. How much he folds in similar spots depending of table. Problem is often still going to be sample size.

    For me as chip lead in table where I assume mid stacks capable to attack my minraise I would definitely shove middle strength hands like most Ax, broadways, most suited hands and offsuits with some connectivity like 86o+. At least if there is no spewy callers who has not enough ICM understanding.

    Minraise range could occasionally have stuff like Q2o or J2o with extremely bad equity.
  • capsize101


    Hey, great stuff here! :D Since I`ve travelled to Australia I just yet saw the vid.
  • StukaMKD


    Nice video,thanks Callin
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    I think sng more easy to win than other games, arent it?
  • kimela83


    puno srece svima i svako dobro