Collin reviews snyucis's Saturday Splash MTT win

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Collin reviews the first part of a Saturday Splash ($2.22 turbo rebuy MTT) win. He discusses Hero’s strategy of buying in at the end of late registration, assessing the profitability of potential ATC opens, and 3bet shove ranges.


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  • 0C01NFL1P


    I am new to MTT's, so i have probably a very simple question:
    When i want to calculate the Nash Range in a MTT, do i have to just always write into the payout structure: 1st 100%?
    And should i write, when it comes closer to the Final Table?
    Thank you for the great videos and answers!
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 0C01NFL1P: Thanks, glad you enjoyed the video! Yes, for most of the MTT you'll use 1st as 100 as the only prize, which as the same as cEV mode. At the final table you'll have to switch to the payout structure for that MTT.
  • makuta


    good video!
  • machichi


    Very good!
  • ShovingLoose


    Very good indeed. You know exactly wich hands you would play in certain situations. Impressive.
  • flaviomatias


    loved it very good video.
  • simson500


    This is a great video indeed. I wished I would be so sure about how to play certain hand when I am playing tournaments. Thank you.
  • Utilizator78


    Спасибо :))
  • thebomb


    Nice good video. The last 10 min not understand the game, but i practices and more games to learn the meta-game
  • lillo007


    :) nice
  • Gazzilly


  • Eckler


    How do you calculate Nash open raise ranges? Just set all 9 stacks equal to 2bb?
  • LannArt92


    really nice to see your comment on the game Collin, finnaly got something to learn thank you