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Collin is back with another session played on single table turbo sit and go's. Today we have a mixture of knockouts and regulars, and some of the most common decisions in turbos - ICM, calling pushes and dealing with players behind us, and of course pushing ourselves.


9man knock out knockout live play video PT4 turbo sit and go

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  • EirikIndahl


    Nice video, Collin!

    11:30. Bottom left. On the SB with A8. Seems like a semi standard reshove. Why do you fold? Is the raise suspicious or do you have history with him?

    And i also applaud your cheesy raises to 59 instead of 60 on the 10/20 levels in the 180mans.
  • RaikoK


    thank you so much collin! i owe so much to you!

    keep em coming!

  • SashaTemp1


    2:58. I think we can squeeze here
  • desoriossRNMD


    thank you so much collin!
  • DrPepper


    Today I gotta disagree with quite a few of your plays :-)

    9:20 BR You don't get away from the 99? 4way? I would never b/c there but rather check the flop and make a delayed c-bet on the turn if a save card comes. I actually think that's quite a big mistake playing the hand the way you did, especially after villain minraises your bet I think you will see a Ten or better 90% of the time.

    20:25 TL I think that C-bet is burning money. As that guy knows you (he types in "gl") and flats pre with a 20-25bb stack, I think he will be a decent player and not defend junk. So mostly he will have hands like QTo or something like that that will have connected with that board. And you have zero equity against anything.

    21: BR Why do even you consider shoving there? You must be extremely tight in that spot with that stack dynamic. I just checked it in nash and even K8s is a fold here. You can only shove 26%. And also I don't really get your reasoning in the video. You say something like "even though it's a knockout". Doesn't the knockout format mean that we should be even tighter than nash here because the bb will call us a bit wider?

    23:00 TR I don't get that A6s call. Why do you want to get it in against the bigstack here? I'd much rather have a weaker hand and get it in against a midstack. Even if we win in that spot we are still in a bad position. I'd probably start with A8s here (and even that sucks quite a bit).

    27:10 TR I much prefer flating here. Even most weak players will get that you have nuts all the time if you make that kind of 3bet.

    31:20 BL I thought the KJo would be a fold but it seems to be the absolut bottom of the nash range (~14%). As it's a knockout we probably wanna push to bust the bb though. I still hate these kind of spots as it sucks so much if we get called by the bigstack and I usually be a little tighter than nash, because sometimes the bigstack (even if he's a reg) doesn't understand how extremely tight we are pushing here and calls way to wide.

    Btw, I always imagined the card after the river being the "sea" which is followed by the 7th street, the "ocean" ;-)
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 EirikIndahl: Thanks! Generally I wouldn't shove A8 there 8bb effective with hijack, but I agree his stats make it a lot closer. Glad you like the 2.95x opens :D

    #2 RaikoK: You're very welcome, glad you enjoyed :)

    #3 SashaTemp1: Based on UTG's hyper-loose stats, that would be a solid option there, I like it ... nice comment.

    #4 desoriossRNMD: Thanks!

    #5 DrPepper:

    99 Hand: Definitely not standard, but with his hyper-loose stats and an SPR of just over 1, I think it's a profitable stack-off.

    97o: Agree, I shouldn't have cbet there.

    K4s: I'd shove a bit wider in a KO because I expect to get called pretty wide by the SB, but I agree that it's a fold -- that's why I folded :)

    A6s: It's a Nash call down to A2s; A6s is close to +1.0.

    AA: I definitely agree that this 3bet will be transparent to a reg unless we balance our small 3bet range. But against a lagfish I think 3betting small maximizes our value even though he does fold here.

    The sea and the ocean, I like those!
  • dexisss


    15:45 you call with KT. In Nash he pushes 18.6% from MP1 (when he shows JT it indicates he is a bit looser but not much) which means your KT call is -1.48 (Nash gives you 9.5%). I think even in a KO it is way too loose.

    Even if he pushes 32% (and I don't think we have a reason to believe he is looser than that) it is -0.40 for your KT call.
  • tancredi


    Hey hey, always enjoy it a lot to watch your videos, always spot on!

    19:38 top right 75s is a knockout, still a shove? As he would be calling looser we shouldnt do that maybe?

    Not playing knockouts yet but I like the format, can you give a really short evaluation about profitability of those guys? Generally recreational players should have more chances "to hang themselves" like you call it? ;)
  • In2TheRain


    Great video, thank you! Could you please tell me what hotkeys are you using?
  • totione


    Nice one!
  • Brylantt


    thx for the video!! good one!